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Get to know Wimberley the Standard Poodle

Wimberley, or "Wim," is a brindle AKC Registered purebred Standard Poodle. She was born March 12th, 2023. Her mother is a purebred Standard Poodle owned by Rebecca Creek Retrievers, and her sire is Roady, a purebred Standard Poodle owned by owned by Rebecca Creek Retrievers. Wim was born in our home and raised by us.

Wimberley is such a classic example of the Standard Poodle breed, just like her mom and dad are. She is playful, witty, and uber-smart. She is very athletic and loves to retrieve. She has a great nose and can track scents with ease. She is very sweet and loves to cuddle, but has an independent side, too.


Wim stands at 24 inches tall at the withers (the top of the shoulder) and weighs 40 pounds. Her structure is that of a typical Standard Poodle. She is square, with long legs and a thin build. Her coat is tight curls and non shedding.

Wim lives with Liza and Junior, the owners of Rebecca Creek Retrievers. She will be available for rehoming when she retires from breeding. We will choose her home carefully, and well in advance of her retirement. We anticipate her retirement to be between 2028-2029. She will be spayed before leaving our custody.


Our retired breeding dogs who are not living in permanent Guardian Homes are available to approved homes at a fair price. Our retired dogs are not cheap or free. They are health tested, house trained, family raised, obedience trained dogs with sound temperaments. Contact us for more information.

Health Testing

We take health testing transparency very seriously. You should demand to see all health testing certifications from breeders that claim to perform such testing. If a breeder is unwilling to share verifiable proof of health testing, then it likely doesn't exist.

Click on an image below to view this dog's verifiable health testing certifications.

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