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Our Dogs

Our dogs are the lifeblood of our program and we feature them every chance we get! On this page, you will see all of the active dogs in our program.


Our pack is always changing based on many factors. We are always considering new dogs for future breeding, and not all dogs make the cut! Our rigorous health testing and temperament testing procedures ensure that we select the best breeding dogs. Retired dogs either remain in their permanent Guardian Homes or are responsibly rehomed to new permanent homes where they will not be bred. Very seldom do we rehome adult dogs--most of our breeding dogs reside in permanent Guardian Homes.


You will find that the dogs on this page are categorized by what stage they are at in our program. "Upcoming" dogs are puppies or young dogs that we are considering for breeding. This means they are still growing, maturing, and undergoing their health testing procedures. "Dams" are the females in our program actively available for breeding. "Sires" are the males in our program actively available for breeding and stud service.


An Upcoming Dog is a dog that we are raising with the hopes to breed someday. These dogs are currently undergoing training & health testing. Some of these dogs may become future breeding dogs for Rebecca Creek Retrievers, and some may not. Additionally, some of these dogs live with us and some are being raised by other families. 

Click on a photo below to learn more about each dog.


A dam is a female dog that is sexually mature, has completed health testing, and is ready to breed or has already started breeding. Our dams are our mama dogs! When a dam retires they are removed from this page, so any dam that you see here is an active part of our program.

Click on a photo below to learn more about each dog.