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Available Puppies

Pricing & Process

It's exciting to browse through irresistible puppies! We urge you to read through our Pricing & Process page before browsing through the gallery below.

Buyers who ask questions that can be answered here on our website will be respectfully re-directed to our website. This helps us streamline communications and provides consistent messaging to potential buyers. 


Planned Litters

This section shows you our breeding plans. These plans change often based on many different factors, but we still like to let our followers know about these plans as far in advance as we can.


Expected Litters

The section contains our expected litters. You can consider these litters to be "on the way." Keep in mind that changes can still occur in this section. Sometimes we breed two dogs together and a pregnancy does not occur. We will make a note on each expected litter whether or not a pregnancy has been confirmed or not.


Current Litters & Pups

This section contains our current/active litters and puppies that are available from those litters. These are litters that have been born! The litters in this section each have a priority waitlist full of families that have completed an application and paid the application fee in advance to get the chance to make a priority puppy pick from the litter. We will make a note on each current litter whether or not there is still room on the priority pick list.


Once priority picks for each litter have been made, we will post any remaining puppies from the litters that are available in this section. After eight weeks of age, puppies begin formal training and will soon move to our Trained Puppies section.


Trained Pups

This section contains our available trained puppies. Puppies in this section have completed a minimum of 2 weeks of individual obedience training. Many have even earned AKC titles. Further details regarding each puppy's training are contained on their individual pages.

*Purchase prices for puppies in this section will increase as puppies reach new milestones.

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