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Available Puppies

Pricing & Process

It is very important that you understand our purchasing process before browsing through adorable puppies! Understanding our purchasing process will ensure the best experience finding your Rebecca Creek Retriever.

Our purchasing process changes a little bit every few years, and this is because our buyers & the market change. We adjust our processes as needed to protect our puppies better and to serve our buyers properly. We last updated our purchasing process and pricing schedule in April of 2023 to best reflect the needs of our current buyers.

It's very exciting to browse through irresistible puppies! We urge you to read through our Pricing & Process page before browsing through the gallery below.

Buyers who ask questions that can be answered here on our website will be respectfully re-directed to our website. This helps us streamline communications and provides consistent messaging to potential buyers. 

View our upcoming & planned litters below.

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