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Pricing & Process

Please familiarize yourself with this process before reaching out about any Available Puppies. Thank you!

Our puppy purchasing process is ever-evolving in order to reflect changes in the market and changes with buyer preferences. We also make changes to our process that we feel are necessary in order to protect our puppies and set them up for absolute success. Any information that you read on this page is current, however, if you have purchased a puppy from us in the past please understand that our process may have since changed.

🐶 Choose a Breed: The first step to purchasing your very own Rebecca Creek Retriever is to decide which breed is right for you. Visit our breeds page to learn more about the different types of dogs we produce. Please also feel free to reach out to us for recommendations.

📝 Puppy Application: Once you've decided on which breed is right for you, it's time to complete our Puppy Application. There will be an application fee of $50 due. Once your application is reviewed & approved, you will be placed on our master waitlist. Families on our waitlist receive first priority in reserving puppies from new litters.

👉 Available Puppies: Sometimes we have puppies that are available to bring home right away. Most other times, you will need to get on a waitlist in order to have the opportunity to choose a future puppy. Continue reading to learn more.

⏱️ Waitlists: We keep a master waitlist. This list contains everyone who has completed an application and paid the application fee. Once a family is added to our master list, they maintain this rank moving forward. Once litters arrive, we move families that are interested from the master waitlist onto priority pick lists for each current litter. We do this by reaching out to each family in order of the list. So you can see how getting on a list pays off! You will have an opportunity to make a priority pick from a litter when the time comes.


💸 Non-Refundable Deposits: Deposits are non-refundable but transferable to future puppies or litters and do not expire. Our full puppy deposit is $450. This amount is part of your total puppy purchase price, with the remaining balance due at puppy pick-up. This deposit is placed once you have chosen your puppy. This deposit is not refundable under any circumstance because we accept this amount when we are ready to hold a particular puppy for you, meaning we are denying the sale of that puppy to other interested parties.

Puppy Wait Times: It is almost impossible for us to predict wait times for those who choose to get on a waitlist. Our breeding plans change often because we are dealing with Mother Nature. While we encourage anyone who wants priority in choosing a puppy from a new litter to get on a waitlist, we want to be clear that we do not attempt to predict wait times or make guarantees regarding whether or not a planned breeding will take place.

🎉 Choosing a Puppy: (applies to those on a waitlist) When we have a new litter, we will begin placing families from our master waitlist onto a priority pick list for that litter. We will then begin scheduling puppy pick appointments. A puppy pick appointment is a scheduled visit or video call where a family on a priority pick list will meet the puppies and choose their puppy. Puppy pick appointments will occur when puppies are approximately 6 weeks old. These appointments last one hour per family, and each family gets a private appointment. Prior to puppy pick appointments, puppies receive a wellness exam at the vet and we record our Puppy Snapshots (temperament testing). Once puppies are chosen, all paperwork is completed prior to take-home day at 8 weeks. Final payments for puppies are due on take-home day.

🚙 Boarding: Have a trip planned that may interfere with you bringing home your puppy when you would like to? We offer puppy-safe boarding right here at Rebecca Creek Retrievers. You can also include training in your puppy's stay (see below).

Scroll down to view our current Puppy Pricing.

All puppies are priced the same regardless of breed, gender, or color. The prices listed below are non-negotiable.

🎉 New Puppy


This is our purchase price for puppies who leave us at eight weeks. Both your application fee & non-refundable deposit is applied to this total purchase price.

Please scroll down to view details on what is included with each and every Rebecca Creek Retriever. 

💡Puppy Proofer

+ $1000

Our Puppy Proofer add-on is a 2-week board and train program for families who wish to leave their puppy with us past eight weeks for additional training and socialization.

Please scroll down to view details on what is included with our training packages.

🎓 Retriever Jumpstart

+ $2000 (Virtual Home Manners Title)

Our Retriever Jumpstart add-on is a 4-week board and train program for families who wish to leave their puppy with us past eight weeks for additional training and socialization. 

Please scroll down to view details on what is included with our training packages.

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🎉 New Puppy
💡Puppy Proofer
🎓 Retriever Jumpstart
✅ Age appropriate vaccines & deworming
✅ Wellness exam by our local veterinarian
✅ Pre-implanted Fi Nano microchip with free lifetime registration
✅ Puppy starter pack which includes food, toys, and treats
✅ A brand new Snuggle Puppy (crate training aid)
✅ 30 days of full health insurance coverage at no additional cost
✅ Enrollment in SpaySecure pet sterilization compliance
✅ Enrollment in a 4-week online puppy training course ($200+ value)
✅ 2-year genetic health warranty
✅ Age-appropriate, safe socialization with approved pets & humans
✅ Introduction to potty training & crate training
✅ Crate training (puppy will be sleeping through the night by graduation)
✅ Crate training (puppy will be sleeping through the night by graduation)
✅ Introduction to house (potty) training
✅ Continued house (potty) training
✅ Introduction to leash walking
🎓 Focused work on loose leash walking
✅ Obedience command proofing: sit, down, place
🎓 Obedience command refinement
✅ Age appropriate socialization
🎓 Age appropriate socialization with field trips
✅ Introduction to car rides
🎓 Mastering car rides
🎓 Third set of puppy shots
🎉🎓 AKC Virtual Home Manners Title

🎉🎓 Bring home a titled puppy!

Our Retriever Jumpstart graduates will earn their AKC Virtual Home Manners title

Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 6.46.20 PM.png

The Virtual Home Manners (VHM) is a convenient solution for training your new puppy or adult dog at home. VHM offers two levels: Virtual Home Manners Puppy (VHMP) and Virtual Home Manners Adult (VHMA), with successful completion leading to awarded titles.

The program assesses your dog's ability to perform ten essential home manners skills through video evaluation by CGC Evaluators, all without the need for in-person testing. These skills focus on owner control, walking the dog, and bonding through playtime. To begin, check out our "How to Train" VHM training videos.

Virtual Home Manners is a great starting point before advancing to AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) in-person training. The ten skills tested include petting, grooming, sitting and lying down on command, coming when called, staying in a designated place, being house-trained, demonstrating a healthy relationship, playing indoors, walking on a leash, and engaging in outdoor exercise.

Upon completion of the Virtual Home Manners Puppy (VHMP) title, the puppy will have mastered the following skills:

  • Being comfortable with petting by the owner on the head, chin, shoulders, and back.

  • Accepting grooming, specifically brushing by the owner on the back and chest.

  • Responding to the "Sit" command, with or without a lure.

  • Responding to the "Down" command, with or without a lure.

  • Coming when called from a distance of 10 feet within the house.

  • Going to a designated place and staying there for 15 seconds.

  • Being house-trained, with the owner attesting to and describing their training process.

  • Demonstrating a healthy relationship and engaging in play activities indoors with a family member or the owner, such as fetching a stuffed animal, playing with a ball, performing a simple trick, or participating in a preferred game.

  • Walking on a leash outdoors in a straight line for 20 feet.

  • Participating in outdoor exercise with a family member or owner, including activities such as fetching a toy, chasing, swimming, or running with the owner.

Learn More About Our Puppy Training

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