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Puppy Shipping

Hand delivering Rebecca Creek Retrievers' puppies all around the world--distance is no obstacle!

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✈️ What is a puppy flight nanny? A puppy flight nanny is a qualified, passionate individual who cares about a puppy's health, safety, and happiness. Flying puppies inside the cabin of an airplane is, in our opinion, the safest and most comfortable way for them to travel long distance.  Flying inside the cabin allows puppies to be supervised the entire time during travel and allows puppies to ship very long distances in short amounts of time. Flying inside the cabin with a puppy flight nanny also ensures that the puppy will not be subjected to harsh conditions inside the cargo hold during the flight or during baggage loading & unloading. 


🎉 At Rebecca Creek Retrievers, we serve as our own flight nannies! When you choose to pay for air transport for your puppy, you will get to meet a member of our team. We purchase our airfare from Southwest Airlines.


We do not profit from this service; it costs us money because we could not possibly charge accordingly to cover the 12-16 hour days we endure when we transport puppies. However, ensuring that our puppies are transported to our standards, and getting to meet YOU in person and see the look on your face when you meet your new puppy for the first time is priceless!

💸 Our Puppy Flight Nanny cost ranges from approximately $950-$1300 and is broken down below:

  • Actual round-trip airfare costs, which typically range from $600-$800

  • $100 pet carry-on fee charged by the airline

  • $250 nanny fee, which covers

    • Our fuel to and from the airport

    • Our parking for the day

    • Our meals for the day

    • Consumable puppy travel supplies

If you would like to purchase our airfare yourself feel free, some families have airline points to use or prefer to book with their own airline. You are also welcome to fly into either San Antonio (SAT) or Austin (AUS) and we will meet you at the passenger pick-up lane, allowing you to then fly your own puppy home.

🐶 Safety While Traveling: 

We take air travel very seriously. Our puppies are litter box or potty pad trained, and we offer regular potty breaks on disposable puppy pads inside the airport. We do not use public "pet relief areas." Letting puppies walk in these heavily trafficked dog areas puts them at risk of contracting viruses and parasites.

We do not allow our puppies to walk around the airport, and we do not allow them to be petted or touched by strangers.  We take the safety of your puppy very seriously.

Delivery to Hawaii and international delivery is available, but additional fees, policies, and procedures will apply. For exporting outside of the US, you can expect your shipping package price to start at $1800 USD. Puppies being exported outside of the contiguous United States must have their rabies vaccine which cannot be administered until 12 weeks of age. Those needing to meet this requirement will be required to pay for puppy boarding at our normal rate of $40/day.

Contact us with questions regarding our puppy flight nanny services.

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