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New Puppy Shopping List

Shopping for new puppy supplies is fun and exciting, but there are so many options out there when it comes to high-quality supplies for your new puppy. This list is exhaustive and aims to help you prepare for your new puppy from Rebecca Creek Retrievers, or from another responsible dog breeder. We recommend services & products that we use ourselves. We do not recommend items that we have not tried and approved.


Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions regarding this shopping list. 

Choosing a Veterinarian

When welcoming a new puppy into your life, the choice of a veterinarian is of paramount importance. Opt for a conveniently located clinic that comes highly recommended by friends and online reviews. Make sure the vet is licensed and has experience with puppies while offering a wide range of services.


Effective communication and an approachable demeanor are essential qualities in a vet, as is a clean and professional clinic environment. Ensure the clinic is prepared for emergencies and is close to home. Assess your puppy's comfort during visits, and, importantly, trust your instincts regarding the quality of care the staff provides.

Please avoid a veterinarian who pressures you to make purchases or opt into medical care that you feel is unnecessary. If you're ever unsure about something your vet is asking you to do, will you please contact us?


Additionally, while at the clinic, be vigilant of vet tech staff. Always supervise your puppy when in their care, and don't hesitate to speak up if something doesn't seem right to ensure your puppy receives the best possible care and attention. Some vet tech staff may attempt to offer you medical advice for your pet, or even attempt to diagnose conditions. Please, always speak to a board-certified veterinarian before making medical decisions for your pet.


Please do your due diligence in ensuring that your puppy is always treated with kindness when in the hands of staff.


Finding a Dog Trainer

We place a strong emphasis on the well-being and development of the puppies we entrust to new families. We firmly believe that proper training is an integral part of ensuring your puppy's happiness and success in their new home. We kindly request all new puppy families to commit to some form of puppy training, and we offer various options to suit your preferences and needs.

Whether you choose to work with us directly, enroll in group classes, or opt for private training, our primary goal is to assist you in establishing a strong foundation for your puppy's behavior and socialization. We understand that it can be overwhelming to decide where to start, especially if you are a first-time puppy owner.

For those who do not have a training plan in place, we have a fantastic online resource called "Baxter & Bella." This comprehensive online program is designed to help you navigate the early stages of puppy training and development. By enrolling in this program, you can access a wealth of knowledge, tips, and exercises to help you and your puppy get off to a great start.

Our experience has shown that families who invest in early puppy training tend to experience the greatest success in raising well-behaved and happy puppies. Early training not only fosters positive behaviors but also strengthens the bond between you and your new furry family member. It provides your puppy with essential life skills, helps prevent behavioral issues, and sets the stage for a lifetime of joyous companionship.


Learn More About Puppy Training

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Getting a Great Dog Groomer

As all new Doodle parents quickly discover, these dogs require specialized grooming and care. Seeking professional help for Doodle grooming is crucial, as Doodles have unique coat types that require special attention.


Grooming goes beyond appearance; it's about maintaining your puppy's health and hygiene. Professional groomers can spot early signs of skin issues, ticks, fleas, or matting. Introducing your Doodle puppy to grooming from an early age is essential, fostering socialization and good behavior. Doodles come in various coat types, and a professional groomer understands these variations, customizing the grooming process to suit your Doodle's specific needs.


Prioritizing your Doodle's comfort and health over aesthetics is vital, and professional groomers play a crucial role in achieving this balance. They are trained to handle various breeds and coat types and maintain clear communication to meet your expectations.


Grooming appointments should be regular, every 4-6 weeks, to prevent matting and maintain your Doodle's well-being. Building a lasting relationship with a professional groomer ensures each grooming session is smooth and stress-free. You can expect to spend between $100-$200 per grooming appointment. It is also customary to tip your groomer 10-20%.

Overall, it is crucial to consider how you will manage your Doodle's grooming needs before you commit to a new puppy. Not only is grooming a lifelong requirement for these dogs, but it can be costly and time-consuming.


Learn More About Grooming

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The Importance of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a crucial lifeline for pet owners, offering a safety net for unexpected veterinary expenses. Pet health insurance is more vital than ever because of the rising costs of pet medical care.


The ASPCA estimates that most pet owners spend an average of $3,221 during their first year of new puppy ownership. By securing pet insurance, you can alleviate some of these financial burdens, especially crucial for young, curious puppies prone to accidents.


Obtaining coverage early, while your dog is young and healthy, is advantageous, offering lower premiums and comprehensive coverage without pre-existing condition exclusions. As pet medical care costs continue to rise, pet insurance becomes a valuable investment, ensuring your furry companion's health and well-being throughout their life.

We believe in the value of insurance so much, we send your puppy home with no-cost coverage for the first 30 days. This coverage is offered to approved ethical breeding programs through Trupanion.

Learn More About Pet Insurance

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Preparing for Your New Puppy

We have prepared several supply lists that will help you break up your shopping trips and procure supplies exactly when you need them. See the articles below for details.

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