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Beyond the Cuteness Factor: Why Older, Trained Puppies For Sale Deserve More Than a Second Look

Updated: Apr 16

cream apricot white aussiedoodle older trained puppy adult for sale in texas
A one year old male Aussiedoodle who joined his new home as a fully trained dog.

When it comes to canine companions, the allure of a fluffy puppy is undeniable.

But what if we told you a house-trained, well-mannered adult dog could be a better fit and potentially a better value?

How about a trained puppy for sale? This might be an older, socialized puppy with some obedience training.

Traditionally, breeders price young puppies at a premium.

The question of "how much does a trained dog cost" often goes unanswered. But the logic behind high puppy prices seems sound: you're getting a blank slate, a chance to mold a dog into your perfect companion.

cream goldendoodle puppy on a kuranda bed with a trainer breeder in texas
Liza, puppy trainer, and a twelve week old Goldendoodle puppy who is graduating training.

Here's why older, trained dogs or puppies deserve a higher price tag, potentially saving you money in the long run.

Time and Dedication

Properly socializing and obedience training a puppy takes months of consistent effort. Housebreaking, leash manners, and basic commands – all require patience and a knowledgeable hand.

A dog or puppy who arrives pre-trained represents a significant time investment you don't have to make.

red merle aussie australian shepherd and black goldendoodle in texas
Two six month old puppies in training, an Australian Shepherd and a Goldendoodle.

Reduced Behavioral Issues

Puppies are adorable bundles of chaos. Chewing, barking, and jumping are all normal puppy behaviors, but they can be destructive and overwhelming for new owners.

An older dog or puppy is likely past this stage, resulting in a calmer, more predictable companion.

sable standard poodle laying down outside in training in texas
A seven month old Poodle in training before joining his new home.

Unveiling the True Personality

With an adult dog or older puppy, you see what you get. Their personality is already formed, allowing you to choose a dog that perfectly complements your lifestyle.

Puppies are a lottery ticket – their adult temperament remains a mystery and will be shaped by you and their environment.

cream white apricot aussiedoodle in training for sale in texas
A one year old Aussiedoodle in training.

Hold On, Not All Older Dogs Are Created Equal

While the benefits of a trained adult dog are clear, there's a caveat: not all older dogs and puppies deserve a premium price.

Here's how to be a savvy adopter when searching for "trained dogs for sale near me" or "trained dogs for sale with prices."

Source Matters

Be wary of breeders who simply offload retired breeding stock. These dogs may not be house-trained or well-socialized.

If you are not able to pay a premium price for a healthy, well-trained, and properly socialized adult dog or older puppy from an ethical breeder, then consider working with a reputable rescue organization.

brindle tuxedo parti sable female standard poodle for sale in texas
A five month old Poodle in training before joining her new home.

Transparency is Key

Ask detailed questions about the dog's history, temperament, and training level. Reputable breeders will conduct temperament evaluations and can accurately reflect these qualities in the dog or puppy's purchase price.

Here is a list of questions that you should ask a breeder when considering purchasing an older trained puppy or an adult trained dog:

  1. Where has the dog or puppy's primary living area been? (e.g. house, kennel, yard) If the dog or puppy has not been raised inside a house then there is a high likelihood the dog or puppy may not be potty trained.

  2. What commands does the dog or puppy understand? (e.g. sit, down, come, stay) A breeder who is selling a dog or puppy with training should be able to list the precise commands that the dog or puppy understands and responds to.

  3. Can you provide recent video evidence of the dog or puppy's training and accomplishments? Are you willing to show me these things over a live video call? Any breeder who is selling a dog or puppy with training should be able to substantiate all claims of the animal's training or skills over a live video call. Scroll down in this article to view a video of a twelve-week-old puppy who has completed a four-week-long training program and has earned an AKC puppy title.

  4. Can I meet the dog or puppy in person? Many breeders do not allow visitors while puppies are young because the risk of visitors bringing bacteria and viruses is much too high. However, an older puppy or dog should be properly vaccinated and in-person visits are reasonable.

  5. Can you provide proof of vaccinations and relevant medical care for the dog or puppy? A dog puppy who is over the age of sixteen weeks should be fully vaccinated. This includes a minimum of three parvo/distemper vaccines that have been spaced at least two weeks apart from each other as well as a rabies vaccination. A dog or puppy who is over the age of sixteen weeks old should also be receiving regular heartworm prevention and dewormer and should be microchipped. All medical records and vaccinations should be up to date at the time that you are inquiring about the dog or puppy.

Consider Your Needs

If you have limited time or experience, a pre-trained dog or puppy is a wise investment. Hopefully, you have learned by now that not all pre trained puppies for sale are created equal.

If you crave the bonding experience of raising a puppy, be prepared for the commitment.

cream goldendoodle puppy at a food truck in texas
A twelve week old puppy on a local outing during training.

What does a trained puppy cost?

At Rebecca Creek Retrievers, we offer three puppy training programs exclusively for puppies from our program.

Puppies who enroll in our two-week training program graduate at approximately ten weeks of age and are crate trained, leash trained, and know how to sit and lay down. They are also socialized in safe public places and have gone on several car rides. Puppies who graduate from this program cost $3500 each.

Puppies who enroll in our four-week training program graduate at approximately twelve weeks of age and earn their first AKC title. This title is the Virtual Home Manners (VHM) title. Puppies who graduate from this program cost $4500 each.

Below is a video of a puppy who graduated from our four-week training program, to give you an idea of what a puppy with this amount of training looks like.

Puppies who enroll in our twelve-week training program graduate at approximately five months old and will earn two AKC titles, their VHM title, and their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title. Puppies who graduate from this program cost $8500 each.

Hopefully, you can see the true value in investing in a trained puppy from a reputable breeder, and how it would be impossible to find an older puppy or adult dog with formal obedience training and socialization without paying a premium price.

What about a house trained puppy for sale?

Are you seeking a potty trained puppy for sale?

Most puppies are not fully house-trained (potty trained) until they are at least six months of age. Potty training (house training) is an ongoing process, and this process is most effective when completed by the puppy's permanent owners inside the puppy's permanent home.

A breeder who keeps dogs in a kennel may struggle to properly house-train or potty-train a puppy or dog, so it's important to ask the right questions when searching for your next pet.

black goldendoodle puppy at a restaurant during training in texas
A four month old puppy on a public outing during training.

Where to Buy Trained Puppies

You can find your next trained puppy right here at Rebecca Creek Retrievers!

Choose a puppy from a litter and enroll them in one of our training programs so that you can bring home a trained puppy.

We can also recommend other reputable breeders who may have trained puppies available.

The Takeaway: Value Beyond the Price Tag

Ultimately, the "right" price depends on the value the dog brings to your life.

A well-trained older puppy or adult dog can be a priceless addition to your family, offering companionship and saving you the time and potential frustration of puppyhood.

So, open your heart and consider all ages – you might just find your perfect furry friend waiting for you.

Looking for Trained Dogs in Texas?

Frequently Asked Questions

This article explored the benefits of adopting a trained dog (adult or older puppy), but you might still have questions.

Here are some of the most common ones to help you decide.

Trained Puppy vs. Adult Dog

  • What's the difference?  Trained puppies (often 12-16 weeks old) might have basic training like crate training, leash training, and simple commands. Adult dogs are fully grown and likely have more extensive training and a more predictable temperament.

  • Trained puppy cost: The article uses Rebecca Creek Retrievers as an example, with training programs ranging from $3500 to $8500 for puppies.

Finding the Right Dog

  • "Trained dogs for sale near me" or "trained dogs for sale with prices": Look for reputable rescues or breeders who foster and train their dogs.

  • "House-trained puppy for sale":  Be cautious! True house training takes time and is best done in the puppy's forever home. Most puppies aren't fully house trained until at least 6 months old.

Choosing a Breeder

  • Source matters:  Avoid breeders who just offload retired breeding stock. These dogs might lack house training and socialization. Look for breeders who prioritize the dog's well-being.

  • Transparency is key: Ask detailed questions about the dog's history, temperament, and training level. Reputable breeders will have answers and be willing to show proof (like vaccinations).

  • Consider your needs: A pre-trained dog (adult or older puppy) is ideal if you have limited time or experience. But if you crave the bonding experience of raising a puppy, be prepared for the commitment.

The Takeaway

The most important factor is finding the right dog for your lifestyle. Don't hesitate to ask questions and remember, a well-trained dog can be an amazing companion, regardless of age.


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