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Our Partners

We partner with like-minded companies that want the very best for our pet buyers

Rebecca Creek Retrievers is honored to partner with so many amazing companies. Each partnership has it's unique benefits for us as breeders and for you as a pet owner. Some of these partnerships generate additional income for us at no additional cost to you, while offering you highly discounted premium products and services.

My Loyal Hound Partners

Rebecca Creek Retrievers is very proud to be committed to sending every puppy home with a FREE six week course called The Puppy System. We purchase this course for each of our puppies so that we can ensure families are sent home with the tools that they need to succeed with their new puppies. Dre at My Loyal Hound is an absolute treasure and we are so lucky to have her on our team!


From Dre's website:


Imagine if your puppy came with an instruction manual!

In My Loyal Hounds four-week virtual course, Dre will coach you through your first month of puppy ownership and teach you everything you need to know about raising and training a puppy. With step-by-step guidance, structured activities and fun training games, you will learn to raise that well-behaved dog you’ve always wanted.

Learn the building blocks of potty training, loose leash walking, basic commands, and more – and prevent undesirable puppy habits from ever forming!

Dre is proud to partner with premier, ethical breeders to provide puppy training for their new puppy families.

Rebecca Creek Retrievers is proud to partner with My Loyal Hound!

My Loyal Hound

Pet Care Insurance

Rebecca Creek Retrievers is insured by Pet Care Insurance so that any dog staying in our boarding facility is protected in the event of an emergency. We take the safety our pets & our business very seriously!

Rebecca Creek Retrievers is proud to be insured by PCI!

Pet Care

Trupanion Partners

Rebecca Creek Retrievers send every puppy home with 30 days of full health insurance coverage at no cost to you. Health insurance for your pet is essential today. Vet care continues to rise yearly, and we now expect our dogs to live longer, healthier lives. We advise all families to either keep a savings account with approximately $5000 to cover an emergency surgery or to carry a health insurance policy.


We recommend a health insurance policy over a savings account because many emergencies can leave your pet with lifelong health issues that a policy would cover. Many families are forced to surrender their pets after a health emergency because of the ongoing costs that can be associated.

Rebecca Creek Retrievers is proud to offer 30 days of FREE health insurance for our puppies!



Rebecca Creek Retrievers is a SpaySecure Certified Community Breeder. We decided to add this valuable service to our program to provide an easier spay/neuter contract compliance process to our customers. This is a service that we purchase for each puppy, and the cost is included in the price of your puppy. SpaySecure will follow up with you regarding your puppy's future sterilization.

Scroll down to learn more about this process.

Rebecca Creek Retrievers is a proud to be a SpaySecure Certified Community Breeder!

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