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Our Breeds

On this page, you will find information about all of the different types of dogs that we breed. Some are purebred varieties, and others are mixed breeds. It is important to recognize the difference when looking for a new puppy! 

A purebred dog is a dog of a breed with a specific set of characteristics that have been developed and maintained through selective breeding. To be considered purebred, a dog must have parents of the same breed and be registered with a recognized breed organization, such as the American Kennel Club (AKC). Breeds that are "pure" are also called "recognized breeds" because large kennel clubs and worldwide organizations recognize them as purebred. 

A mixed-breed dog is a dog with parents of different breeds. "Doodles" are mixed-breed dogs. There are a few well-known registries that work diligently to regulate breeding practices and maintain pedigree databases with the hopes of standardizing the traits and appearance of mixed-breed dogs, though the ultimate goal is not to make them "pure." In order for a breed to be considered "purebred," the gene pool must be cut off at a certain point, which means, to an extent, that all purebred dogs are the result of inbreeding. We do not want that for our doodles.


A mutt is a dog with unknown ancestry. Referring to a mixed-breed dog as a mutt is not fair if that mixed-breed dog has been ethically produced and raised. Our mixed-breed dogs have traceable pedigrees to their purebred, registered ancestors. You can find these pedigrees on each dog's profile page here on our website.

When considering factors such as health, structure, temperament, and how a puppy is raised, there is no benefit to owning a purebred dog versus a mixed-breed dog. There is ongoing, intense strife between purebred breeders and breeders that mix breeds together. Pet owners care more about how well a puppy will fit into their household and whether or not it will be a happy & healthy representation of the species. 

What matters are the traits that are important to you and whether the breeder you work with is responsible and ethical. Puppy mills are the #1 producer of registered, purebred dogs in the United States. It is an outdated notion that "purebred equals well-bred." Purposefully bred, mixed-breed dogs have a lot to offer today's pet buyers. They are unique, fun, and interesting. Ethical breeders of mixed-breed dogs are very committed to researching best practices for choosing appropriate breeding pairs, raising puppies, and selecting lifelong homes. 

Ethical breeders will also do their very best to educate their buyers about every aspect of the breeds & varieties that they produce before selling you a puppy. That is why we want you to learn all about the different breeds and types of dogs that we produce here at Rebecca Creek Retrievers!

Click on a photo below to learn more about that breed!

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