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Guardian Home Program

Growing our program with local families like you

Our Guardian Home program is what allows us to continue to expand our breeding program without the use of outdoor kennels to house breeding dogs.

It is important to us that our breeding dogs live normal lives with families of their own, where they can get adequate daily attention and training.

We are always actively seeking Guardian Home prospects located in Texas.

What is a Guardian Home?

This is not an "I want a free puppy" kind of opportunity. 


We are looking for like-minded individuals who want a genetically superior dog, and who want to be a part of sculpting the future of our program!

A Guardian Home is a variation of a common practice that has been around for many years, called "co-ownership."  Co-owned dogs are usually owned by two like-minded breeders that wish to share bloodlines and breeding services.  


A Guardian Home is simply an exceptional family that wishes to own and raise a genetically superior dog, and that has a desire to contribute to an exciting and growing breeding program.  Our Guardian Home families understand the importance of #breedingbetterdogs and wish to be a part of this important program. 


Guardian Homes receive our "pick of the litter" (we choose the puppy) puppies at little to no up-front cost.  


Rebecca Creek Retrievers will retain breeding rights on each female puppy for a set number of litters, or breeding rights on each male puppy for a set number of years.  When the contract period is complete, said puppy will be spayed or neutered at our cost, and registration papers transferred over to the Guardian Home family.  A typical contract will require up to 3 litters (in 5 years or less) for a female dog, and up to 6 years of service for a stud dog.


We do not provide any kind of financial compensation to our Guardian Homes Families.


All associated health testing and breeding costs will be the responsibility of Rebecca Creek Retrievers.  All other routine vet, grooming, and training costs will be the responsibility of the Guardian Home.

We do offer many incentives to our Guardian Homes families, such as help with boarding, grooming, and training during the contract period. 


We have a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" approach to our Guardian Home Program.  While we don't pay our Guardian Home families to take exceptional care of our dogs, we understand the vital role they play in growing our program.  We do everything that we can to help our Guardian Home families when they need it.

Our Guardian Home Program is not a way for families that couldn't otherwise afford one of our puppies to receive a "free" dog. 


Our program is designed to allow families the opportunity to be a part of what we are building--to be a part of our team!  Our Guardian Home Program is not a charity.

In fact, we regularly turn down Guardian Home Applications because we feel that families are simply trying to obtain a free puppy and do not truly wish to commit to the requirements and standards we hold for our Guardian Families.


Most of our Guardian Homes are families that we have personally invited to be a part of this program and are families from our deposit/wait lists that assumed they would be purchasing a puppy.

We want each of our Guardian Homes to feel that they are a part of an exciting program, and that they are contributing to the expansion of extraordinary breeds of dogs.  We want them to understand that each dog is not only an integral part of our program, but a permanent member of their family.

We have high expectations for our Guardian Home families to provide the utmost in quality vet care, routine grooming care, and continued training for their dogs.  Scroll down or click on the button below to learn more.

Contact us to learn more about our Guardian Home Program.

Guardian Home Expectations

From years of experience, we have developed very specific protocol regarding the care of our breeding dogs.  Many different factors affect breeding success including diet, exercise, and environment.  

The following expectations for our Guardian Homes are not suggestions, but requirements.  We know that following this protocol gives us the highest rate of success in having healthy litters of puppies, as well as having the healthiest and strongest breeding dogs.

Please review these requirements carefully.  We expect a lot from our Gardian Homes.  Remember, this is not a "get a free dog" program.  We have even higher expectations regarding stan


Health Insurance

We require all Guardian Homes to carry a health insurance policy on their Rebecca Creek Retriever.  This policy will be paid for by the Guardian Home Family.

Policies will not cover breeding related injuries or illness, however, they will cover all other injuries or illness that occur.  We maintain a large savings account to handle breeding related illnesses and emergencies.


We expect our Guardian Homes to keep their dogs coats maintained at all times, either at home or professionally.  


When possible, Rebecca Creek Retrievers will offer grooming services for Guardian Home dogs at no charge!

Please do not rely on us to groom your dog for you 100% of the time.  Please be prepared to handle this basic care requirement on your own.

Training & Boarding

A trained and obedient dog is a happier dog.  We require our Guardian Homes to pursue at minimum an AKC Canine Good Citizen title with their retriever before it reaches a year of age.

We will want your female dog to visit us often for playdates and overnight sleepovers so that she remains to be comfortable with us and with our home.

When possible, we will board your dog at no cost to you.

Breeding Rights

Guardian Home families do not have breeding rights on their dogs.  Rebecca Creek Retrievers owns sole breeding rights to all Guardian Home dogs.

Accidental breeding is considered a breech of contract, and families can risk losing their dog permanently.

Even if a pregnancy doesn't occur from an accidental pairing, dogs can spread STDs, just like people.  Any accidental pairing due to owner negligence could result in having to surrender the dog.


Many of our puppies will go on to be shown or titled in various sports and disciplines.  Guardian Home families should be prepared for us to take their dog to these events from time to time.  These events can be day events, or even long weekends out of state.

We love when our families participate in these events with us, too!  Though we do not require our Guardian Homes to participate in any showing events, as long as they allow us to have access to the dog.

Dog Access

Guardian Home families need to openly communicate with us about vacations and schedules. 

Rebecca Creek Retrievers needs to have access to all Guardian Home dogs at any time for breeding purposes.

This either means allowing us access to your home when you are not present, OR ensuring that you can be present on our terms.


We will not tolerate families that cannot give us this communication and free access to their dogs.