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Rebecca Creek Retrievers is a proud to be a SpaySecure Certified Community Breeder!

Rebecca Creek Retrievers is a SpaySecure Certified Community Breeder. We decided to add this valuable service to our program to provide an easier spay/neuter contract compliance process to our customers. This is a service that we purchase for each puppy, and the cost is included in the price of your puppy. SpaySecure will follow up with you regarding your puppy's future sterilization.

Sterilization compliance is required by all of our puppy purchasers. This compliance allows us to do the very best job that we can do as breeders to control the population of unwanted pets in the United States. 

If you are interested in breeding your Rebecca Creek Retriever in the future, please disclose this during your application process so that we can discuss options.

We do not sell puppies without sterilization compliance in place unless breeding rights are previously discussed and purchased.

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