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Get to know Roady the Standard Poodle

Roady is a sable purebred AKC Registered Standard Poodle. He was born on July 20th, 2020. Roady came to us from Heavenly Doodles & Poodles in Texas as an 8-week-old pup. We had the opportunity to work with an excellent fellow breeder and waited for over a year to select him as a breeding prospect for our program.

Roady entered his permanent Guardian Home shortly at age seven months. We raised him in our home, bonded with him, and trained him before placing him in is Guardian Home. Roady lives in a suburban nome with a family who has two teenage children. Roady also lives with another Standard Poodle, a spayed female purchased from Rebecca Creek Retrievers. Roady is the epitome of what we believe to be the perfect pet. He is loyal, smart, playful, easy to train, and simple to be around. Even as a stud, his manners are unparalleled. 


Roady stands at 25 inches tall at the withers (the top of the shoulder) and weighs 55 pounds. His structure is that of a typical Standard Poodle. He is square, with long legs and a thin build. His coat is tight curls and non shedding.

Roady lives in a permanent Guardian Home in San Antonio, Texas. Roady will not be available for rehoming when he retires from breeding. He will live out his retirement as a beloved pet in his Guardian home.

Roady is available for stud service to females of all breeds—scroll down for more information.

Stud Service for Roady

Roady is a proven AKC registered stud and is available for stud service to approved females of any breed. We like to work with breeders who have like-minded goals of producing healthy pets with sound structure and temperaments. We prefer that your female be health tested to CHIC standards, or beyond. We reserve the right to withhold stud service from anyone, for any reason.

Roady has Full Registration with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC). His purebred puppies can also be registered with these organizations.

Roady is available for natural breeding (live cover) locally in the San Antonio, Texas area. Roady has also successfully sired litters out of state by way of collection, fresh cooled shipped semen, and artificial insemination. 

Roady's stud fee is $2000. All females need proof of negative brucellosis before breeding. This test should be no older than 30 days. If local, Roady's stud fee includes us bringing Roady to you for breeding for up to two ties with your female. If not local, this fee includes collection and overnight shipping. We do not guarantee a pregnancy. We will offer one re-breed if a pregnancy does not take on the first try. Roady's sperm is regularly evaluated and it always has over 90% motility. 

Roady's Credentials at a Glance:

  • Certified Hips, Elbows, Patellas, Cardiac, and Heart

  • Full DNA Panel, Clear

  • EE, Bb, kyky, ayay, SS, mm

Scroll down to view photos of Roady's past purebred and mixed-breed puppies, as well as his proof of health testing.

Health Testing

We take health testing transparency very seriously. You should demand to see all health testing certifications from breeders that claim to perform such testing. If a breeder is unwilling to share verifiable proof of health testing, then it likely doesn't exist.

Click on an image below to view this dog's verifiable health testing certifications.

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