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American Golden Retriever

An American classic!

rebecca creek american golden retriever

"Goldens are outgoing, trustworthy, and eager-to-please family dogs, and relatively easy to train. They take a joyous and playful approach to life and maintain this puppyish behavior into adulthood. These energetic, powerful gundogs enjoy outdoor play. For a breed built to retrieve waterfowl for hours on end, swimming and fetching are natural pastimes." -American Kennel Club

A Brief History
rebecca creek american golden retriever

"The Golden Retriever was developed in late 19th Century Scotland and England primarily by crossing Flat- and Wavy-coated Retrievers, Tweed Water Spaniels, and a red Setter. The Golden was bred by British aristocrats to be a dual-purpose dog, able to retrieve waterfowl and upland game birds and also to be a companion. Lord Tweedmouth produced some of the early foundation stock by mating a yellow Wavy-coated Retriever named Nous to his Tweed Water Spaniel, Belle. The Golden Retriever’s friendly disposition, attractive appearance, and high level of trainability have made this breed one of the most popular in the United States. Today, Goldens are found at field trials and dog shows, in family homes and nursing homes, leading the blind and serving as ears or hands for handicapped persons." -UKC Breed Standard

Size Information

Most Golden Retrievers have a medium, athletic build similar to that of spaniel breeds. They weigh between 50-60 pounds at maturity.

Accepted Colors and Coat Type

Golden Retrievers have a gorgeous coats that can vary in color from deep red, golden, cream, to almost white. Their outer coat is soft and silky, and they develop long "feathering" on their necks, legs, and tails. Their undercoat is wooly and thick and protects their skin from cold water. Golden Retrievers are high shedding dogs.

Personality and Temperament

"Biddable, intelligent and possessing natural working ability." -British Kennel Club

Recommended Health Testing

We strive to health test our adult breeding dogs to match or exceed the AKC's CHIC Program standards.  Some of our dogs will have less testing depending on their lineage testing.  Some dogs will exceed CHIC standards, such as our stud dogs who are offered to outside females with unknown lineage testing.


Follow the link(s) below to view the CHIC recommended health tests for this breed.

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