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A Complete Guide to the Aussiedoodle Dog

Your Top Resource on "What is an Aussiedoodle"

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Aussiedoodle Dogs

Rebecca Creek Retrievers is your premier Aussie Doodle Dog breeder and the top source of trustworthy Aussie Doodle information in the United States.


If you seek information on Aussiedoodle Dogs, you've come to the right place!

It's crucial to seek out an ethical breeder to work with when purchasing your Aussiedoodle Dog. There are currently no reputable breed-specific Aussie Doodle rescue organizations that specialize in Aussiedoodle Dogs, so I do not recommend seeking an Aussie Doodle from a rescue if you are not experienced in owning and training the breed.

Continue reading on this page to learn all about Aussiedoodle Dogs, and to find all of the resources you will need to make an informed decision when purchasing your Australian Shepherd Poodle Mixes.

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Table of Contents

We hope you take the time to read all of the information on this page so that you can learn all that you can about Australian Shepherd Poodle Mixes. However, here is a table of contents so that you can jump ahead if you would like.

  1. What is an Aussiedoodle?

  2. Aussiedoodle Appearance

  3. Aussiedoodle Temperament

  4. Aussiedoodle Health

  5. Aussiedoodle Training

  6. Considering an Aussiedoodle Dog

  7. More Information

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What is an Aussiedoodle

DALL·E 2024-04-22 11.23.40 - A whimsical

So, what's an Aussiedoodle? Some have referred to the Aussiedoodle as the Aussie Doodle, Aussiepoo Dogs, Australian Shepherd Doodle, Australian Shepherd Poodle Mixes, or even the Ozzy Doodle!


What do you think an Ozzy Doodle might look like? 🤣

rebecca creek retrievers ozzy doodle aussiedoodle ai image

There is no wrong answer when it comes to naming this unique type of dog because the Aussiedoodle Breed is a mixed breed variety, an Australian Shepherd Poodle Cross. Yep, an Aussie Doodle is an Aussie and Poodle Mix.

The Aussiedoodle Dog is best known for its playful appearance, loyal personality, and boundless energy.


The goal of an Australian Shepherd Cross Poodle is to combine the playful, energetic, athletic Aussie with the intelligent and non-shedding Poodle. Breeding a healthy and mild-tempered Aussie with a healthy and friendly Poodle can result in the best Aussiedoodle Dog!

a vector infographic of aussiedoodle dog sizes

The Aussie Doodle comes in several different sizes. Predicting the adult size of an Aussiedoodle Dog can be difficult because adult size depends on the size of a puppy's relatives up to three or four generations back.

If you are seeking an Aussiedoodle Dog of a specific size, seek a breeder who understands genetics and who can trace their breeding dog's lineage back several generations. You cannot predict a puppy's adult size by averaging the size of the puppy's parents. Adult size depends on the size of your puppy's relatives across many generations. Be sure to work with a breeder who has extensive knowledge of their puppy's parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

🛑 Toy Aussiedoodles and Mini Aussiedoodles require the same amount of training, attention, and exercise as their larger counterparts!

What is an Aussiedoodle

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Aussiedoodle Appearance

blue merle aussiedoodle playing fetch

Aussiedoodle Dogs have mixed coat types, even siblings in the same litter. When you combine an Australian Shepherd's thick double coat with a Poodle's coarse coat of tight curls, results may vary!

All Aussiedoodle Dogs will have coats that require ongoing professional grooming for life.

Don't be fooled by F labels! An Aussiedoodle's coat depends on its parents' coat types (Poodle - coarse and curly, Australian Shepherd - soft and straight. F labels (F1, F1b, etc.) only tell you how many generations of mixed breeding the dog has and don't predict its coat type.

If you are concerned about your Aussiedoodle's coat type, talk to your breeder about the coat types of both parent dogs. An Aussie Doodle will inherit coat qualities from both parents.

An important fact to remember, despite what you read online or what another breeder may tell you, is that Aussiedoodle Dogs are not hypoallergenic. In fact, no dog is truly hypoallergenic! Some dogs can be non-shedding, but all dogs have dander and naturally lose hair.


While an Aussie Doodle with a very curly, non-shedding coat may be more allergy-friendly than a purebred Aussie, it is still not considered hypoallergenic. If a non-shedding coat is an important quality for you in an Aussie Doodle, you should be seeking Australian Shepherd Poodle Mixes who have more Poodle in their lineage than Aussie.

As you can see below, we prefer to keep our Aussiedoodle Dogs coats clipped short because we are very active outdoors and in the water. A shorter hairstyle means less brushing at home in between grooming appointments!

red merle aussiedoodle standing in the water with a short haircut

Aussiedoodles (Aussiepoo Dogs) can come in any color. This is because Poodles come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Australian Shepherds come in a smaller variety of colors and patterns. Still, when combined with the variety of Poodle coat colors, you can witness a rainbow of coat colors in just one litter!

Below are a few examples of the most common Aussiedoodle Dog coat colors. All of the following photos are dogs and puppies that come from Rebecca Creek Retrievers.

a pile of aussiedoodle puppies rebecca creek retrievers.webp

Black Tri

black tri aussiedoodle puppy

An Aussie Doodle labeled as "tri-colored" will have three distinct coat colors. Two of those colors are always white and copper. A black tri Aussiedoodle has a black body with white and copper markings. These copper markings will fade over time and will not be as noticeable if your Aussiedoodle has a long and fluffy coat.

Blue Merle

blue merle aussiedoodle

The merle coat pattern is caused by a genetic mutation. It is a dominant gene and breeders should be knowledgeable and experienced with the merle gene mutation before breeding merle dogs. A merle puppy should never have two merle parents, as this is called "double merle" breeding and it can cause blind and deaf puppies.

A blue merle Aussiedoodle is a black Aussiedoodle with the merle mutation. Some blue merle Aussiedoodles can also have white and/or copper markings.


watermarked opal and otis 2021 otis.jpg

Black is a timeless color and not to be ignored! Black Aussiedoodles are gorgeous and unique. Many black Aussiedoodle Dogs will fade as they age, turning from black to a gorgeous blue or silver. Some black Aussiedoodles may also have striking white markings.


watermarked opal and otis 2021 rosie.jpg

Apricot Aussiedoodles are light red in color. They can have either black or brown noses and, like the puppy pictured above, striking white markings. While some apricot Aussiedoodles can be darker red, they will get lighter with age.


IMG_1598 Copy.jpg

Sable Aussiedoodles are a mixture of black and brown. They are a striking and unique variety, and much less common than the other color varieties listed on this page. Sable Aussiedoodles are likely to lighten with age, and many will have darker faces and tails.

Red Tri

red tri aussiedoodle

A red tri will have a brown body with white and copper markings. Like the black tri, these copper markings will fade over time. "Red tri-colored" Australian Shepherds and Aussiedoodles are not actually red. Their coats are brown but are described as red.

Red Merle

WEBSITE aussie pose emily opal.jpg

A red merle Aussiedoodle is a brown Aussiedoodle with the merle mutation. Some red merle Aussiedoodles can also have white and/or copper markings.


watermarked opal and otis 2021 dove.jpg

Brown Aussiedoodles are a beautiful variety of Australian Shepherd Poodle Mixes. They even have matching brown noses! Brown Aussiedoodles often have striking hazel eyes. Like black Aussiedoodles, their coats often fade to a beautiful beige over time.


watermarked opal and otis 2021 romeo.jpg

Cream Aussiedoodles are almost white in color. Like apricot Aussiedoodles, cream Aussiedoodles can have either black or brown noses, and can have white markings. Though white markings on a cream Aussiedoodle Dog will not be very noticeable.

Aussiedoodle Appearance

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Aussiedoodle Temperament

stylized 3d graphic of a blue merle auss

When considering whether the Aussie Doodle temperament if a good fit for your lifestyle, it's crucial to remember that Aussiedoodle Dogs are Australian Shepherd Poodle Mixes.


Here are some key points to keep in mind regarding breeders-

  • The Aussie Doodle is a mixed-breed dog. No two Aussiedoodle Dogs are alike!

  • The breeder is responsible for ensuring that your Aussiedoodle has a good temperament. Breeders should only breed adult dogs together who both have great temperaments.

  • A breeder will only know if a dog has a great temperament if the dog lives in the breeder's home as part of the family.

  • Working with a breeder who is experienced in breeding Aussiedoodle Dogs across several generations is imperative if you are new to owning this breed. You will need your breeder's mentorship as you raise your new puppy.

a cream apricot red aussiedoodle swimming in a pond

Australian Shepherds are herding dogs bred to work on ranches with livestock, and poodles are retrievers bred to retrieve downed ducks from freezing ponds. These two breeds have very different instincts, and puppies from this cross can display both of these instincts.

Contrary to popular belief, Aussiedoodle Dogs are not "confused" about whether or not they should herd or retrieve. Some Aussiedoodles display more herding instincts, some display more retriever instincts, and some display both behaviors equally.

Because the Aussie Doodle is a mixed breed, you need to be prepared to cater to both herding and retrieving instincts if you plan to own the Aussiedoodle breed.

Aussiedoodle Dogs are high-energy dogs and require training at a young age and daily exercise. This exercise should include about an hour of high-intensity activity, including running or playing fetch.

Like the Australian Shepherd, shepherding breeds tend to be more vocal. Barking and vocalizations aid them in their traditional work of herding livestock. As such, Aussiedoodle Dogs tend to bark more than other doodle breed varieties.

Aussiedoodles are also extremely people-oriented. They should be allowed to live inside your home with the family and receive several hours of attention daily. They should not be kept alone for extended periods of time, such as left outside, away from the family.

If you cannot provide this level of attention to an Aussie Doodle, this is not the right breed for you! Consider a Goldendoodle.

aussiedoodle laying in a man's lap

Toy Aussiedoodles and Mini Aussiedoodle Temperament can differ from medium- or standard-sized Aussiedoodles. Miniature versions of larger breeds are created by breeding only the smallest pups from a litter across many generations. During this process, some breeders select pups for size only rather than focusing on health and temperament first. Be sure to work with a breeder prioritizing health and temperament over size.

If you choose to seek out a toy or miniature Aussiedoodle, please keep in mind that these smaller counterparts will still have high energy levels and require the same amount of exercise, training, and attention as medium and standard-sized Aussiedoodles.

Aussiedoodle Temperament

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Aussiedoodle Health

Aussiedoodles tend to be a healthy and hardy breed. An Aussiedoodle's health, however, depends on several different factors, including-

  • The discernment of the breeder and whether or not they have invested in healthy breeding dogs and extensive health testing for all breeding dogs.

  • The genetic health of the adult breeding dogs.

  • The level of care that puppies receive from the breeder before joining their new homes.

  • The level of care provided throughout the life of the Aussiedoodle Dog by it's owner.

Proper Aussiedoodle health starts with a responsible breeder and continues with a responsible owner.

a blue merle aussiedoodle sitting in the grass

"Health Testing" refers to tests performed on adult dogs to measure risk factors for inheritable genetic and orthopedic conditions.

Health testing is much more than simply performing a DNA test. Proper health testing should also involve full-body radiographs and third-party evaluations of these radiographs.

Breeders who claim to health test their adult dogs should be able to show you the results of this testing. Click here to see the health testing for one of our Aussiedoodle Dogs so that you can see what this looks like.

Before being allowed to breed, Aussiedoodle Dogs should have the following health testing certifications-

  • Hip certification through either OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) or PennHIP

  • Elbow certification through the OFA

  • Patella certification through the OFA

  • Cardiac certification through the OFA

  • A DNA test that shows that the dog is clear of any life-threatening inheritable conditions

black tri aussiedoodle running through tall grass in texas

Purchasing health insurance coverage for your Aussie Doodle is a great idea.

Routine medical care and emergency vet costs have steadily risen in recent years, and we don't expect this to stop. You must invest in a health insurance policy as soon as you bring your new Aussiedoodle puppy home.

At Rebecca Creek Retrievers, we even send our puppies home with 30 days of coverage at no additional cost to you because we understand how important it is to have this safety net if an emergency occurs.

When evaluating insurance plan quotes be sure your pet's plan includes coverage for illnesses or conditions that are considered hereditary. Be sure to understand your plan and the responsibilities you have to remain compliant, such as an initial wellness exam when your policy is activated or waiting periods before claims can be filed.

Aussiedoodle Health

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The benefit of purchasing an insurance policy early on is that you will lock in a lower premium. If you wait until your puppy is older, your premium will be higher. And if your puppy is diagnosed with a condition, your premium will be much higher, or coverage may not be available.

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Aussiedoodle Training

Training the Aussiedoodle Dog is an extremely rewarding process. Aussiedoodles are energetic, food-motivated, and very eager to please their owners! 

Aussiedoodle training is not only fun; it is a necessity. The Aussiedoodle breed is highly intelligent and high-energy. If you invest proper time into training and socialization, these two traits make for the very best companion.

Without training and socialization, the Aussiedoodle breed is prone to many behavioral issues. These include excessive barking, nipping (especially at children), chewing and destruction of objects, and hyperactive behaviors like jumping or pacing.

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Aussiedoodle Dogs should begin obedience training as soon as they are eight weeks old. If you will not be bringing your puppy home until it is older than eight weeks, be sure to work with a breeder who will begin this early training for you.

Aussiedoodles need to learn basic obedience skills, such as the following-

  • Sit, down, stay, and come

  • Crate training

  • Potty training

  • Riding in the car

  • Behaving calmly in public settings

  • Greeting strangers or new dogs calmly and friendly

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I cannot stress enough the importance of having a plan for how you will train your Aussiedoodle. The Aussiedoodle breed is highly intelligent and naturally has a lot of energy. If you do not offer your Aussiedoodle proper training and socialization, they will develop behavioral issues which stem from boredom and frustration.

Invest in training NOW! Baxter & Bella has a course module that is to be completed before you bring your puppy home! This helps you prepare your home and family for the puppy before the excitement of a new puppy in the house takes over.

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Aussiedoodle Training

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Considering an Aussiedoodle Dog

red merle aussiedoodle laying in the grass

If you are considering purchasing an Aussiedoodle Dog, study this checklist to ensure you are prepared to bring the Aussiedoodle Breed into your family-

  1. Work with a breeder who has raised several generations of Australian Shepherds, Poodles, and Aussiedoodles. If you are new to the Aussiedoodle breed, you will benefit from the mentorship that a responsible breeder will offer.

  2. Ensure your breeder chooses even-tempered dogs, raises them and puppies in their home as part of the family, and performs extensive health testing on breeding dogs.

  3. Determine whether or not your lifestyle can provide the attention and exercise the Aussiedoodle breed needs to thrive in a family home.

  4. Evaluate whether your budget can satisfy the training and ongoing professional grooming needs of an Aussiedoodle Dog.

cream apricot aussiedoodle running playing fetch with a tennis ball in a grass field park in texas

If you are considering an Aussiedoodle Dog as your next family pet because you think that they are cute or pretty, please reconsider.


Consider whether or not the Aussiedoodle breed suits your lifestyle and if you're willing to seek out a healthy puppy from an ethical breeder.


Please do not support backyard breeders who are inexperienced in the breed and only seeking to make a quick buck or a puppy mill that raises animals in highly neglectful situations and sells puppies to pet stores.

Considering an Aussiedoode

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More Information

More Information

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