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Get to know Sadie the Aussiedoodle

Sadie is an apricot Aussiedoodle. She was born March 3rd, 2020. Her mother is an Aussiedoodle, owned by Rebecca Creek Retrievers, and her sire is a purebred Standard Poodle. Sadie was born in our home and raised by us.

Sadie entered her permanent Guardian Home at eight weeks of age. Sadie is a squirrel-hunting extraordinaire! She loves going deer hunting with her owner and tracking blood trails on the ranch. Sadie is a loving and loyal pet as well as an athletic and entertaining play companion. She is silly, funny, and loves to cuddle.


Sadie stands at 19 inches tall at the withers (the top of the shoulder) and weighs 35 pounds. She has a thin, square build like that of a Poodle. Her coat is very curly and soft, and non shedding.

Sadie lives in a permanent Guardian Home in San Antonio, Texas. Sadie will not be available for rehoming when she retires from breeding. She will live out her retirement as a pet in her Guardian home.

Health Testing

We take health testing transparency very seriously. You should demand to see all health testing certifications from breeders that claim to perform such testing. If a breeder is unwilling to share verifiable proof of health testing, then it likely doesn't exist.

Click on an image below to view this dog's verifiable health testing certifications.

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