Double Doodle

Any cross between two different doodle hybrids

rebecca creek double doodle

The Double Doodle is the resulting progeny of two different poodly hybrids (doodles). For example, a Double Doodle could have a Goldendoodle mom and a Labradoodle dad. The goal with this hybrid is simply MORE genetic diversity! Genetic diversity is what makes our doodles healthier, stronger, and able to live much longer lives.

A Brief History
rebecca creek double doodle texas

The Double Doodle doesn't have much of a history... a double doodle is simply a cross between two different poodle hybrids. In our program, we will cross Goldendoodles and Labradoodles to produce Double Doodles. We will also cross Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles to produce Double Doodles. This allows us to choose parents based on desirable traits and health alone, and diversify our gene pool even more.

Size Information

A Double Doodle will be the average size of both parents. All of our Double Doodles at Rebecca Creek Retrievers will be Standard sized and likely weigh between 45-70 pounds.

Accepted Colors and Coat Type

The coat type and color varations are dependent on chosen breeding pairs. Double Doodles can come in any and all colors and patterns. Ideally they have a soft, wavy, low to non-shedding coat.

Personality and Temperament

Ideally, Double Doodles share the wonderful traits that both of their doodle parents have. Loyal, sweet, playful, energetic, and witty. Double Doodles that are bred from retrieving breeds need obedience training and regular exercise. Their high intelligence will require stimulation throughout their lives in the form of attention, training, and adventures!

Recommended Health Testing

We strive to health test our adult breeding dogs to match or exceed the AKC's CHIC Program standards.  Some of our dogs will have less testing depending on their lineage testing.  Some dogs will exceed CHIC standards, such as our stud dogs who are offered to outside females with unknown lineage testing.


Follow the link(s) below to view the CHIC recommended health tests for this breed.