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Bearded Retriever

Can also be described as "Goldendoodles," "Labradoodles," or "Double Doodles"

rebecca creek bearded retriever club of america goldendoodle bear lake

"The Bearded Retriever is a medium to large sized companion breed that is bred to have a pleasant temperament, a biddable attitude, and a low-shedding coat. The Bearded Retriever is bred for health, temperament, and sound structure. Health testing is paramount in giving puppies the best chance at a long happy life. Bearded Retrievers are a working dog whose job is to be an ideal companion, therapy dog, or service dog. They are bred to be reliable and obedient. They are hard working and driven, but not excessively hyper. They are gentle and good natured at all times. They are also natural retrievers and make excellent field dogs." -Bearded Retriever Club of America

A Brief History
rebecca creek bearded retriever club of america goldendoodle bear lake

"The Bearded Retriever Project began in 2017 as a group of dog fanciers with a passion for dogs. These individuals recognized that there was a desire in the dog-loving community for a medium-to-large-sized lower-shedding companion dog and set their minds to creating a breed that would not only be well-loved by their families for their sweet temperament and cute face but that would also be healthy, long-lived, and predictable in type.

To achieve this goal, the Bearded Retriever Project spent years researching and compiling information, eventually writing a standard and becoming the Bearded Retriever Club of America. Recognizing both the advantages to set breed type and the limits of closed gene pools, the BRCA chose three foundation breeds for the Bearded Retriever – poodle, golden retriever, and Labrador retriever.

Careful selection of type, temperament, and genes allows Bearded Retrievers breeders produce happy and healthy companions with low-to-no shedding coats. The breed is still in development and will always maintain an open studbook to the three foundation breeds, as the BRCA recognizes and intends to avoid the issues plaguing many purebreds as a result of a closed gene pool and decreasing genetic diversity." -Bearded Retriever Club of America

Size Information

16-26” at the withers (40-70lbs) -Bearded Retriever Club of America

Accepted Colors and Coat Type

Coat: "Long and furnished with a bearded face. It may be straight, wavy, or curly. Weak furnishings are strongly discouraged. Improper coat is a disqualification." -Bearded Retriever Club of America

Color: A large variety of colors and patterns are accepted with a few specific disqualifications that have been proven to affect health.

Personality and Temperament

"The Bearded Retriever is a friendly and confident dog. Its intelligence and biddability, combined with its reliable nature and low-shedding coat, make it an ideal breed for service work and companionship. Bearded Retrievers exude a calm and good-natured confidence. They are good humored dogs who are neither overly submissive nor hostile toward people or other dogs in normal situations." -Bearded Retriever Club of America

Recommended Health Testing

We strive to health test our adult breeding dogs to match or exceed the AKC's CHIC Program standards.  Some of our dogs will have less testing depending on their lineage testing.  Some dogs will exceed CHIC standards, such as our stud dogs who are offered to outside females with unknown lineage testing.


Follow the link(s) below to view the CHIC recommended health tests for this breed.

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