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A hybrid of the Australian Shepherd and Standard Poodle

rebecca creek aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodles are a hybrid of two sporting and working breeds and require training and exercise daily. The Aussiedoodle is a very high energy dog and should not be expected to be a "couch pet." They are also highly intelligent, and because of the Aussie's herding instincts, they can develop neurotic and nuisance behaviors if they are not properly trained, stimulated, and exercised. The Aussiedoodle is the absolute perfect dog for a young and active family that is ready for adventure!

A Brief History
rebecca creek aussiedoodle

The Aussiedoodle does not really have a "history" to speak of, as it is a fairly new hybrid that is quickly gaining in popularity.

Size Information

Aussiedoodles should weigh between 40-60 pounds at maturity.

Accepted Colors and Coat Type

Aussiedoodles can come in a wide variety of colors. Traditionally, they will be black, brown, golden, tricolor, or merle, some with or without white markings.

Aussiedoodles have a mixed coat. They have soft waves and sometimes course guard hairs. If they are genetically more poodle, they will have tighter curls. Aussiedoodles are low shedding and should not be considered hypoallergenic.

Personality and Temperament

Aussiedoodles are an interesting and exciting hybrid. Great scrutiny should be used when choosing breeding pairs. The Aussiedoodle should exhibit the great traits that we love in both Aussies and Poodles. Aussiedoodles are high energy dogs and very loving. Some will exhibit herding behavior, and some will not.

Recommended Health Testing

We strive to health test our adult breeding dogs to match or exceed the AKC's CHIC Program standards.  Some of our dogs will have less testing depending on their lineage testing.  Some dogs will exceed CHIC standards, such as our stud dogs who are offered to outside females with unknown lineage testing.


Follow the link(s) below to view the CHIC recommended health tests for this breed.

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