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We've retired our very first stud, Jack!
Our Mission Statement

Quality pups without all the "fluff"

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Ok, ok...  We do have some "fluff."   Puppy fluff!

But our Retrievers are bred for health and temperament, first and foremost.  No extra marketing "fluff" here.  

Coat type is important, because lower shedding (or even NO shedding) is a huge reason we fell in love with our Retrievers.

But coat color is obsolete, y'all.  No "fluff" here.  We do not build our program around trending colors or varieties.

Rebecca Creek Retrievers is built around producing healthy puppies that mature into good canine citizens.  This means that temperament and personality is much more important to us than "the flavor of the week."

If you are looking for a healthy puppy that has been raised with the utmost in quality care, you are in the right place! 
Please stay a while and learn all you can about us.

Sincerely,  Liza Marie Moon
Rebecca Creek Retrievers, LLC

Ethical, responsible, reputable, legitimate breeder of Standard Poodle Puppies, Goldendoodle Puppies, and Aussiedoodle Puppies in South Central Texas, Hill Country, Comal County, Canyon Lake.

What's Happening?

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