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The premier breeder of Goldendoodles & Aussiedoodles in Texas

Rebecca Creek Retrievers is your premier breeder of Standard Poodles, Goldendoodles and Aussiedoodles in Texas. We began our dog breeding journey in 2011 and never looked back! Each year we learn & evolve, always updating our practices as new information is released, and cling to tried and true methods that withstand the test of time.

Our mission is to produce premium family pets that are genetically healthy & structurally sound, fun to train, easy to live with, and last but not least, athletic & beautiful. We want our dogs to have it all--beauty and brains! And we want them to live long lives, but more importantly, live with a very high quality of life.

We are a family-run business, with mother & daughter Liza Marie Moon & Liza Fratus Moon overseeing most of the operations. We are so passionate about what we do, and can't wait to work with you!

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How do we create the ultimate family companion? 

Ultimate companions


First, we raise our own breeding dogs & invest in health testing.


We network with like-minded breeders across the United States to purchase puppies as "breeding prospects" and keep some of our puppies to become future moms & dads. Raising our breeding dogs from pups inside our home allows us to experience what our families will experience when they raise future puppies.

Once we decide that a dog is fit to breed based on temperament, it's time to begin health testing. Sometimes we start a dog's health testing early or as a younger pup, but we often wait to let the pup mature so that we can watch its temperament develop. 

The term "fully health tested" means something different to every breeder & every pet buyer. Unfortunately, the term "fully health tested" often refers to a dog that has had DNA testing and a wellness exam by a veterinarian. That level of health testing won't cut it here!


Rebecca Creek Retrievers adheres to the following health testing standards for all of our breeding dogs:


  • DNA testing, meaning a full genetic profile of the dog's risk factors for passing on an inheritable disease

  • Hip clearances by both PennHIP and OFA

  • Elbow & Patella clearances by OFA

  • Cardiac clearance by OFA

  • Eye clearance by CAER (OFA)

The level of testing we subject each breeding prospect to depends on several factors, the primary factor being a family history of health testing & the presence or lack of genetic health problems. Some of our dogs are tested more than others at our discretion. We make all of our dogs' health testing certificates available to potential customers as we feel it is impossible to decide which breeder to support without viewing this real documentation. Health certifications are often forged and faked. Please verify health testing certificates from any breeder with the lab or organization that issued them!

Not all dogs pass their health testing! We have retired many breeding prospects before ever having a litter because their health testing does not meet our standards. Like retiring a breeding prospect due to temperament, this process is challenging and painful for us as breeders. We are attached to these dogs, and at this stage in the process, we have even more time, money, and unconditional love invested in these dogs.


Next, we carefully pair our breeding dogs together & provide ultra-hands-on prenatal care.

We match each breeding pair (sire & dam) based on which dogs will best complement each other in temperament, health, and structure, in that order. 


Temperament is paramount when purchasing a family pet. Many families can handle minor health issues that could arise over time, as these are often easily diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian. Temperament and behavior go deeper, we feel. Families looking for a household pet need a dog that has a reliable, predictable, safe, and easygoing temperament. So this is our number one priority.

Considering our attention to temperament, we indeed do not find it good practice to breed dogs with known health issues.


Health & structure go hand in hand and closely follow temperament in our consideration when choosing breeding pairs. We pair dogs together with the highest chance of producing puppies with genetics superior to their parents. This is the only way we can secure a future for our pets as well as the future pets of all of our customers.

Prenatal care is paramount in creating the ultimate family companion. Many of our breeding dogs are in Guardian Homes, and each pregnancy is a unique experience. Sometimes the female will stay with her Guardian Home during the pregnancy and then come to our home to whelp and raise puppies. And sometimes, we will take the female in to care for her throughout her pregnancy. Each female must be cared for following strict exercise, diet, & stress management guidelines.


Finally, we rear every single litter inside our home among the beautiful chaos of a normal family household.

It is important to us that each litter is raised inside our home. We are not opposed to properly using a well-designed kennel; however, our process of rearing puppies inside our home works best for us & our families! We like to be close to our litters at all times, so they are born and reared in our spare bedroom right across the hall from our bedroom.

We feel we can accomplish a few things more easily by rearing puppies inside our home. First, we can maintain superior cleanliness standards. We don't want our home to smell like puppy poop, and puppies poop a lot! So, waste is cleaned up as soon as it hits the ground. Puppy laundry is washed at least two times a day, and their play area is deep cleaned & disinfected at least once daily. Puppies that are raised in a clean environment are easier to potty train!


Second, we can observe the puppies' behavior more effectively inside our home. So many families say to us, "I don't know how you get anything done at home; I would be watching those puppies all day long!" Well, we do watch them all day long. It's so much fun! But we also observe on a deeper level and take notes daily to best match puppies to families.

Finally, we raise our puppies inside our home because we love the process! We have often considered moving litters to a well-designed kennel because of the simplicity it can bring. However, we can't every bring ourselves to do it. We would end up living inside the kennel to be close to the pups! We love what we do, and even though it can be a huge disturbance to have a litter of puppies inside our home, we wouldn't change it for anything.

Our process of choosing, raising, testing, and managing our breeding dogs comes from over a decade of trial, error, education, and discovery. And you get to reap these rewards when you bring home your very own Rebecca Creek Retriever!

Thriving among the native live oaks & limestone

Rebecca Creek Retrievers, LLC is located off of Rebecca Creek Road in Canyon Lake, Texas. The historic Rebecca Creek and the breathtaking Guadalupe River are both just minutes away, and our dogs love to splash and play in the gently flowing, crystal-clear waters. 

We feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to slowly grow our program on a privately owned 18+ acre farm in Comal County, Texas. This quaint slice of Hill Country heaven has been passed down through the owner's family for generations. Their generosity and hospitality over the years have made it possible for us to have grown our humble program to what it is today.

Our facilities include our small farm-style home, where our dogs join us in our daily activities, and our puppies are raised seamlessly alongside the people & the pack. Our spare bedroom was dubbed "The Puppy Room" many years ago, and today has been retrofitted to serve our unique lifestyle. We also have a small boarding kennel, which is located directly adjacent to our home. "The Doghaus" is open to Rebecca Creek Retrievers' families and their other household dogs. Our boutique dog boarding service is one of many bespoke services that our families have exclusive access to.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not named after the locally distilled whiskey, Rebecca Creek Whiskey. However, we do indeed love to enjoy the spirit on occasion as well as visit the local distillery. You may see us there from time to time on bingo nights, listening to live music, sipping on a "Creek Julep," while a dog or two lay under the table. View our Upcoming Events page to see where we plan to be--stop by and say hi!

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