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Puppy Wait Times

Estimated wait times for a new puppy

First of all, wait times are very difficult to predict.  

We have many females in Guardian Homes.  These females all cycle on different schedules, meaning all of our females are able to breed at different times of the year.  These schedules are dictated largely by Mother Nature.  While we can predict when these cycles will take place, that is all we can do.  Guess. 


We can only facilitate 2-3 litters at a time, and we have no desire to facilitate any more than this at one time.  We want to ensure we are able to provide the attention that these mamas and puppies deserve.  We are not a kennel operation and do not desire to be a mass-production program.  We operate out of our home.

With all of this being said, the wait times that you will find below are estimates.  Please understand that we could never accurately predict the amount of time you may spend waiting for a puppy to be available for you.

Scroll down to view our current wait lists.

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Current Puppy Wait Times

Please check our Planned Litters page to see our current breeding plans!

Please expect to wait between 6-12 months for any of our puppies.

What's the deal with Wait Lists?

Different breeders use different terms to describe their "wait lists," "deposit lists," etc.  Please click on the link below to learn more about wait lists, and what the terms mean for our program.