Puppy Pick Day

Puppy Pick Day is one of the best parts of our proprietary Adoption Process. 

Puppy Pick Day is the day you choose your puppy in person and bring your new puppy home!  We will facilitate a live video chat for those that cannot be present on Puppy Pick Day. 

Puppies are chosen in person by appointment only on pre-determined days and times.  Families choose their puppies in order of the deposit list. 

Our Puppy Pick Day takes place here at the farm, in an open area under a giant Spanish Oak tree.  We schedule individual "Pick Appointments" for each family on our deposit list, so that we only have one family out at a time.  These appointments are scheduled in order of the litter deposit list.  We try to schedule these appointments over a Fri-Sat-Sun so that we do not exhaust and stress puppies by doing this all in one day.

During each one-hour Pick Appointment, families that have placed deposits are allowed to meet available puppies.  Families have one hour to interact with and choose their puppy in our private setting.  Once their puppy has been chosen, we will go over take-home details, paperwork, and send each puppy off with it's new family!  This is such a wonderful day full of joy and excitement.

Puppy Pick Day FAQ

Can we meet the puppies even if we have not placed a deposit?

No.  Our visitor policy is rigid, and is in place to protect our privacy and our puppies.  We do not allow families to visit puppies unless a deposit has been made on a litter.

What if we can't choose our puppy in just one hour?

We give our deposit-holding families a ton of resources prior to Puppy Pick Day that will help them choose the right puppy for them, including photos, videos, temperament tests, and individual personality profiles.

If a family cannot choose their puppy within the one-hour appointment that is given to them, they will be asked to leave and given the opportunity to choose a puppy from one of our future litters.

8 week-old puppies become tired and overstimulated very quickly.  The stress of meeting new people repeatedly in a short period of time can cause puppies to act out of character, and this is counter-productive to our Pick Process.

Can I bring my dog from home to meet the puppies?

No.  If a family shows up with a dog from home, we will respectfully ask them to leave.  Not only does the pose huge health and safety risks to our puppies, but it adds a new level of unecessary stress to this process for our puppies.

Can our kids come to our Pick Appointment with us?

Absolutely!  Our puppies are kid-friendly.  However, we do ask parents with toddlers to consider leaving them with a babysitter.  Children under the age of 6 years old are more than likely going to be a distraction rather than a help during the pick process.

Can we meet the adult dogs (puppy parents) at our Pick Appointment?

Probably not.  Most of our breeding dogs (parent dogs) reside in permanent Guardian Homes.  Asking these loyal and trusted families to share their dogs with us for these appointments is not something we are willing to do. 

Some Guardian Homes choose to be present on Puppy Pick Days, but this is their decision and we choose not to ask this of them.

Some of our dogs reside with us here at the farm.  If this is the case, we will consider allowing families to meet them on Puppy Pick Day.  We take this on a case by case basis.  We never want to do anything to stress our dogs puppies on this big day.