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All About Wait Lists

Time to hurry up and wait

We have learned over the years that the term "Wait List" means very different things to different breeders and buyers.  We would like to clarify what our Wait List is and how it works.

IMPORTANT:  The information on this page applies to our program only.  Different programs work differently and not all wait lists are created equal.

So, what is a "Wait List?"

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What's the deal with wait lists?

​Our Wait Lists are running lists categorized by breed/hybrid.  When someone completes our Puppy Application and pays the Application Fee, they are added to the appropriate Wait List. 


For example, if John Doe says on his application that he is interested in a Goldendoodle, he will be added to the Goldendoodle Wait List once he submits his application and pays the fee.

Those that do not pay the Application Fee, will not be added to a Wait List.

This Application Fee will not be refunded, under any circumstances.  Your Application Fee pays for you to get on a Wait List.  Your Application Fee is not a Puppy Deposit.

John Doe will remain on the Goldendoodle Wait List until a litter is born and it is his turn to have the opportunity to place a deposit on a litter. 


When a litter is born, we will contact members of the Wait List one at a time, in order, and give them the opportunity to place a deposit on the litter.  Those that choose to place a deposit, are taken off of the Wait List (and moved to the Litter Deposit List), and so the remaining families on the Wait List move up in line! 


When it is John Doe's turn to place a deposit on a litter that has been born, he can choose to either place a deposit on a litter, OR continue to wait for a future litter.

What if John Doe changes his mind later on down the road, and would like to be transferred from the Goldendoodle Wait List to the Aussiedoodle Wait List?  When John Doe is transferred to the Aussiedoodle Wait List, he will lose his spot in line on the Goldendoodle Wait List, and be added to the next available spot (the bottom) on the Aussiedoodle Wait List.

Some key things to remember about wait lists...

Our Wait Lists ARE NOT Puppy Deposit Lists.  They are "interest" lists.  Being on a Wait List does not mean that you have placed a deposit on a future puppy.  Being on a Wait List means that you will have the opportunity to place a deposit on a future litter when it is your turn. 


The longer you wait, the further up on the list you will move!  If you want the "first pet pick" (breeders always get pick of the litter), then you need to be prepared to wait to get to the top of a wait list.

Wait Lists are designed for waiting.  These lists are being added to several times a week, and some Wait Lists are very long.  Depending on the number of names on a Wait List, please be prepared to wait for a year or two before it is your turn to choose a puppy.  We are not a puppy mill or mass production program.  We cannot predict how many litters per year we will have, or ho many puppies will be in a litter.

For this reason, we recommend getting on Wait Lists with several different breeders.  This way, you may not have to wait years before having the opportunity to choose a puppy.  If you need recommendations for other breeders to work with, visit our TX Doodles and Poodles Facebook Page.


People get off of Wait Lists all the time.  This is why we charge an Application Fee to get on a Wait List, so that we are not wasting our time maintaining these lists.  This is also why we keep this Application Fee very low.  If someone decides to get off of a list, they have only lost $50 rather than a full Puppy Deposit.  


We are happy to disclose to you how many people there are on a wait list, or what spot you are currently in.  However, we will never disclose who is on our wait lists.

Ready to get on a wait list?

The first step to getting on an Official Wait List is completing our Puppy Application and paying the Application Fee.

Deposit Info

Learn more about placing a "Full Puppy Deposit" after being on a wait list.