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Throw away the Greenies! Learn about practical dental care for your dog

Updated: May 3, 2021

Doggy Dental Treats?

It sounds romantic, doesn't it? "Throw a dog a bone" once a day and avoid expensive dental treatments and daily teeth brushing.

My retrievers, who are heavy chewers, can finish a "Greenie" in two bites. So, how are these widely promoted "doggy dental treats" actually providing any kind of teeth cleaning benefits?

Now, we are not just prejudice against GREENIES™. There are countless top name brands that produce "doggy dental treats."

Let me proclaim this statement in a way that will be impossible to misunderstand...

Any manufactured, edible dog treat that can be chewed and broken into smaller, ingestible pieces IS NOT going to effectively clean your dog's teeth.

In other words, if your dog can chew and swallow this treat in a few minutes, it is not providing any teeth cleaning benefits.

It is the action of a dog's teeth rubbing against a hard surface that prevents tarter build-up.

I am going to make another blanket statement about "doggy dental treats" that is an educated assumption based on public information...

The ingredients found in "doggy dental treats" are very unhealthy.

Dramatic much? Maybe a little bit. But I'm not feeding these by-product laden "treats" to my dogs. Not only are they not providing teeth cleaning benefits, but they're exposing my dogs to ingredients that can be dangerous to their long term vitality and digestive health.

Let's look at some of the main ingredients in GREENIES™.

Wheat Flour

Explain to me how wheat flour is good for exemplary dental health? Or even good for your meat-eating dog in general?


While glycerin is technically plant derived, it has no business being a part of your dog's daily diet. This ingredient is added to dog treats to make them soft and chewy, and is used as a preservative.

Wheat Gluten

An inexpensive by-product ingredient that helps provide the treat with a chewy texture.

The three main ingredients of GREENIES™... Wheat flour, glycerin, and wheat gluten.

Can we agree that "doggy dental treats" are simply low-quality, by-product ridden dog treats in disguise?

But, how can I keep my dog's teeth clean and healthy?

Don't feel discouraged. Here are some realistic and effective ways to promote great doggy dental health.

Raw Meaty Bones

The number one way to provide exceptional benefits to your dog's dental health is with Raw Meaty Bones. Click here to learn more.

A suitable alternative is your favorite shaped Benebone chew toy.

Enzymatic Toothpaste

A good gel teeth cleaner with a toothbrush designed for a dog's mouth is a great option, but if you want this method of dental care to be effective, it needs to be done daily.

Plain, Unflavored Rawhide Rolls

Use common sense when providing rawhide treats to your dog. Be sure the rawhide treat you are providing is too large for your dog to swallow. If you notice your dog ripping off large chunks of rawhide and swallowing them, take away the treat immediately. In order for it to be digestible and safe, rawhide needs to be slowly chewed and ingested in very small pieces.

Purchase easily digestible rawhide that is Made in the USA.

Start reading ingredient lists, y'all.

You might be absolutely amazed (and disgusted) at what you might be feeding your dog every single day.

For further research, please read this article by Dr. Becker: Click here

Happy trails and wagging tails,

Liza Marie Moon

Rebecca Creek Retrievers

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