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Temperament Testing

We do this for fun!

We perform the Volhard PAT on our puppies around 7 weeks of age.  We do not take this test very seriously, and neither should you!

The Volhard PAT was designed to evaluate puppies bred for police work.


The Volhard PAT is a useful tool in visualizing a puppy's temperament at the exact age that the puppy is tested.


Puppy temperament testing does not accurately predict adult temperament and personality.  Your puppy's environment, training, and socialization will affect his adult temperament and personality.  In other words, your puppy's adult temperament is heavily dependent on YOU.


Please follow the link below to learn more about the Volhard PAT.

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Personality Profiles

In addition to performing the Volhard PAT, we write individual personality profiles for each puppy prior to Puppy Pick Day.

We are getting to know these puppies each and every day from birth to eight weeks.  Though the Volhard PAT is a useful tool for seeing how our puppies interact with a brand new person, we have found a need for a more personal approach to measuring temperaments as a whole.

Our personality write-ups include details about the puppy such as quirks, funny stories, coat type, size, and other temperament traits that may not be fully expressed during the Volhard PAT.

Scroll down to our PDF Viewer to see an example of a Personality Profile from one of our previous litters of Standard Poodles.