2021-2022 Breeding Plans Survey

It is very important to us here at Rebecca Creek Retrievers to have ample demand prior to breeding and producing a litter.  In other words, we don't just breed our dogs and have litters and hope all of the puppies find homes!  We breed when we have a wait list large enough to support a breeding.

This year has been odd.  We continue to have large wait lists, however, when puppies are born our families on these lists are choosing to wait on adopting a puppy.  This has made our breeding planning very difficult, as typically the size of our current wait lists would more than justify going through with a breeding.

So what I am asking here is, are you ready for a puppy?  Will you please complete the following survey and be as honest as you possibly can?  Your answers will help us make our plans for the rest of the year, and your answers are helping us tremendously in making what we feel are ethical breeding choices.

Thank you so much!