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Proven: Bear Lake's Deep Blue Bay

"Duke" is an F1 English Goldendoodle, and is also being registered as a Bearded Retriever with the BRCA.

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Born October 30th, 2018
Owned by Rebecca Creek Retrievers.
Resides with Guardian Home in San Antonio, TX.

Size Information

Duke is a great medium sized English Goldendoodle / Bearded Retriever. He weighs 50 pounds and favors the stockier build of his English Golden Retriever sire.

Color & Coat Type

Duke is blue. Duke is solid in color, though he is parti factored). Duke has a soft and easily-managed wavy coat. He is low shedding.

Personality & Temperament

Duke has a temperament to die for. While he does have a slightly shy side at first, he warms up to people and other dogs quickly. He is very playful and silly. He loves his family, and is even a therapy dog for one of his owner's disabled daughters.

Stud Fee


View our current Stud Contract on the page below.

Collection Services

Collection services will be performed by our choice of local repro vet. Cost is typically around $300.

Artificial Insemination

We offer side by side AI services at our choice of local repro vet.

Health Testing

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