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Stud Services

Please scroll down and click on any "Learn More" button to learn more about each stud that is a part of our program.  Each profile will specify where the stud is located and who owns to stud.  Most studs listed below belong to Rebecca Creek Retrievers, however, a few are co-owned and/or are listed for other owners. 

Interested in Stud Service for your female?

We approve bitches for stud service on a case by case basis.  We will interview each prospective bitch owner to evaluate what health testing has been done, what kind of breeding goals the breeder has, and what kind of puppy rearing protocol the breeder has.  We are very selective in who we offer stud service to.

All bitches are required to have, at minimum, an Embark (or similar) DNA panel run and available for evaluation.  Screenshots will not suffice.  We need access to the full panel and need to be able to call the associated lab and confirm the results of the panel. 

Bitches being considered for natural breedings (live cover) are also required to show proof of a negative brucellosis test.  The test must have been run within 30 days prior to breeding.  Tests older than 30 days will not suffice as proof of negative brucellosis screening.

View our Stud Contract by clicking on the link below.

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