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Ground Shipping &
Flight Nanny Services

Hand delivering our puppies all around the world--distance is no obstacle!

We believe that location should not matter when the time comes for you to choose your new puppy.

We are currently only offering these services for puppies adopted from Rebecca Creek Retrievers.

For the most accurate shipping quote, it is best to contact us directly with questions.

What is a Puppy Flight Nanny?

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What is a flight nanny?
What is a Puppy Flight Nanny?
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A Puppy Flight Nanny is a qualified, passionate individual that cares about a puppy's health, safety, and happiness above all else.

Flying puppies inside the cabin of an airplane is, in our opinion, the safest and most comfortable way for them to travel.  It allows puppies to be supervised the entire time during travel, and allows puppies to ship very long distances in short amounts of time.

Our Puppy Flight Nannies are experienced in flying as well as in handling puppies with love and proper care.  Your puppy will fly in-cabin as a carry-on item, underneath the Flight Nanny's seat.

It also remains to be more economical than ground transport in most cases.  With rising costs of fuel, vehicle maintenance, and hotels, ground transport is oftentimes not financially feasible compared to air transport.

Shipping Packages
Shipping Packages

We offer Puppy Flight Nanny services, as well as private ground transportation.  Both methods of shipment and delivery are available on a case-by-case basis depending on time of year and individual puppies.

For example, some puppies that stay for training will be too big to fly after the 4-week training period.  Etc.

Puppy Flight Nanny

Starting at $250


Our Puppy Flight Nanny Service starts at $250. 

This fee covers the Flight Nanny's time and personal expenses including booking fees, travel to and from the airport, airport parking, meals while traveling, and any other personal expenses while traveling.  Most of our Nannies make the trip in one day, meaning they endure very long hours of flights and layover within a 24 hour period.  It is hard work, and we value their time!

Please view a cost breakdown below to get a better idea of what it will cost to have your puppy flown to you in-cabin with a Flight Nanny.  To get the most accurate quote, please contact us.​

$250 Puppy Flight Nanny Fee

$ Cost of Airfare (we fly exclusively with Southwest)

$95 Southwest Carry-On Pet Fee

Do you have Southwest RR Points?  You can book your Nanny's flight using your points! 

Please contact us before booking any flights.


Delivery to Hawaii and outside of the US is available, but additional fees, policies, and procedures will apply.  For exporting outside of the US, you can expect your shipping package price to start at $1500 USD.  This does not include charges for extended stay boarding (cost will be approximately $700 without training) due to vaccination and health certificate requirements for most countries outside the US.

Safety While Traveling

We take air travel very seriously.  Our puppies are litter box or potty pad trained, and we offer regular potty breaks on disposable puppy pads inside the airport.  We do not use public "pet relief areas."  Letting puppies walk in these heavily trafficked dog areas puts them at risk for contracting viruses and parasites.

We do not allow our puppies to walk around the airport, and we do not allow them to be pet or touched by strangers.  We take the safety of your puppy very seriously--remember, it was our puppy first!

Here are some photos of our puppies stretching outside the carrier during our layovers.

dex flight 1.jpg

Ground Transport Cost

Starting at $1.00/mile

Our ground transportation rate of $1.00/mile applies to total incurred mileage (round-trip mileage) and is a semi-inclusive fee.  We will charge accordingly for toll roads and other public transportation fees if they apply.

We will drive up to 500 miles per day.  If your round-trip exceeds 500 miles, an overnight stay will be required for our driver.  The cost of the hotel room plus a $100 overnight fee will be charged.

Mileage fees are calculated in advance using Google Maps GPS.  We do not split or combine ground transport fees.  Fees are paid at a rate of $1.00/mile per puppy in transport.

Safety on the Road

Your puppy will travel in a crash tested kennel that is securely tied down in the back of one of our personal vehicles, meaning they will be in a safe and climate controlled environment for the duration of their travel.

Your puppy will not leave the vehicle at any time during transport.  It is not safe to allow our puppies to touch the ground until they have received at least three sets of puppy shots.  We set up a "portable potty area" inside the vehicle for your puppy to use.  If our transport route requires overnight stay, we will set up a safe potty area inside the hotel room.  We do not walk puppies in grass or outside.

One of our puppies is pictured below, going potty in the back of the vehicle in his litter box.

*Please note that the crate in this photo is NOT one of our crash-tested crates used during ground transport.


Contact Us For a Transport Quote Today!

Puppy Flight Nanny Cost
Ground Transport Cost
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