Schedule a Phone Conversation

We do not answer unscheduled phone calls.  I feel I owe you an explanation, because I do want you to feel like I'm here for you if you need me...

First of all, the number of scam/spam calls we receive daily is absolutely incredible.  It is horrendous.  Second, my work days consist of physically and mentally demanding tasks which cannot be completed properly if I am distracted with a phone call.  Most of these tasks include training puppies, caring for puppies, training and/or caring for dogs, etc. 


My puppies and dogs deserve my full attention when I'm working with them, just like you deserve my full attention when we are speaking over the phone.

Send Me a Text Message

This is a great way for me to communicate.  I can answer your questions each time I get a minute here, and a minute there.  Shoot me a test message anytime!

Schedule a Phone Conversation

Send me a text message to schedule a phone conversation, or click on the button below to schedule via Google Calendar.  Thanks!