Opal & Roady - Spring 2022

F1b Aussiedoodles

Sire: Roady

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Sire: Roady

Dam: Opal

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Dam: Opal

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Important Litter Information

Important Dates

All of the following dates are ESTIMATES:

Birthdate: December 15th, 2021

Puppy Pick Days:
February 18th-20th, 2022

*Puppies must be picked up on Puppy Pick Days, board & train rates apply after pick up days

Projected Colors

We are expecting black, black and white, brown, brown and white, brown/red merle, black/blue merle, and sable.

Puppy picks are made in the order that deposits are received.  We do not ever guarantee color selection.  We also do not guarantee that your puppy will stay the same color into adulthood.

Projected Coat Types

This litter will be F1b so genetically more poodle than aussie. Coats will be curly and coarse and very low shedding or non shedding.

Estimated Adult Size

Standard Sized - estimated 40-50 pounds. Our poodles and poodle hybrids are very light boned, graceful dogs. They don't seem as big as they actually are!

Please remember that adult size is dependent on genetic factors that we cannot always predict.


We never guarantee adult weight or size.

Projected Temperaments

Aussiedoodles are sporty, sweet, and smart dogs. They need lots of exercise and training! They have a lot of energy and are eager to please.

Follow the link below to learn more about how we grade our puppies' temperaments before matching them with families.

Adoption Prices

Our Adoption Prices are the same for all of our puppies regardless of breed, hybrid, gender, or color.  We do not charge more for special colors or for different genders.

Please follow the link below to view our page that outlines our current Adoption Packages.

Puppy Photos

The following photos are photos of puppies from our past litters, but not necessarily photos of puppies from the parents listed on this page.  These photos are provided to give you an idea of what puppies from this litter might look like.

We don't know what the puppies from this litter are actually going to look like, because they are not born yet!

Interested in a puppy from this litter?

The first step to getting on an official wait list is to submit a Puppy Application!  Please familiarize yourself with our Adoption Process before submitting an application.  Thank you!

Adoption Process

Please familiarize yourself with our processes before submitting an application.

Puppy Application

Our Puppy Application can take between 30-45 minutes to complete, and requires a paid Application Fee.