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Kuranda Dog Beds

The most durable raised dog beds

Kuranda dog beds are chew-proof, orthopedic, and easy to clean! We love these beds for our rough-and-tough retrievers.

Where to Buy

Purchase these beds directly from the Kuranda website.  Be sure to follow our link below!

Our Recommendation:

When purchasing pet products that are made to last a lifetime, we recommend purchasing the size that will fit your puppy as an adult.  For our poodles and doodles, we recommend the size 40x25 dog bed.  Our dogs do well with the Standard PVC beds, and we prefer the Textured Nylon fabric.

We receive a small commission from this company if you purchase their products using the link provided.

Watch a video of this product in action:

rebecca creek retrievers poodle doodle dog bed raised cot chew proof
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