Our Breeds

Learn all about the special breeds and hybrids that our program is focused around!  It is important to learn which breed will best suit your lifestyle and personality before beginning your search for a puppy.

The biggest mistake families make when choosing a puppy is choosing a puppy based on the way that it looks. 


Our poodles and poodle hybrids (doodles) are incredibly cute.  But choosing a dog because it is cute is not a valid reason to pursue ownership.

Please review each of our breed varieties closely.  Pay special attention to each breed's personality attributes, as well as adult size and coat type.


We do not breed minis!

We do not breed miniature or toy varieties of poodles or poodle hybrids.

We do not have minis!  All of our puppies will grow to be 45+ pounds.

We hope to incorporate some "smaller" breeding stock into our program someday, however, we have not been able to find the quality we strive for in miniature breeding stock at this time.


Producing "miniature" varieties should be a slow, careful process.  We are many, many years away from producing puppies that will mature to be smaller than 45 pounds. 

Bearded Retriever

Double Doodle




Standard Poodle

Australian Shepherd

English Cream Retriever

American Golden Retriever

Labrador Retriever