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Chloe & Roady 2023

AKC Standard Poodles


Click on the image below to learn more about this dog



Click on the image below to learn more about this dog


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Important Litter Information

This section contains important dates and other information about this litter.  Please review the details in this section closely before contacting us with questions.

If you contact us with questions that can be answered on this page or otherwise on our website, you will be referred back to this page or the respective web page.  Thank you!


Projected: March 13th, 2023

Breed Info

Puppies will be purebred poodles and will be registrable with the AKC.

Colors & Coat Types

We are expecting partis and sables! These will be gorgeous puppies!


Between 40-50 pounds, with males typically being larger than females at maturity.

Adoption Price

Please click on the link below to view our Adoption Packages. 

Important Dates

Projected Puppy Pick Day & Go-Home Day: May 13th

Deposit List

Here is our current deposit list for this litter.  This list will show you where you will stand in Puppy Pick order should you place a deposit today.  We do not share the names of those on our deposit list.

"Breeder's Choice" spots are always reserved at the top of each list.  Puppies being purchased by other breeders or being placed in Guardian Homes need to be chosen first.  We also reserve a spot at the top of every list for a "Service Dog Pick."  These picks are often donations, or they are reserved for families seeking a service dog prospect who are already working with a trainer to choose their puppy.​

Please take note of your pick order, as this determines your Puppy Pick Appointment date and time.  These dates and times are non-negotiable.  If you cannot be present in person, we will do a virtual pick.  Puppies must be picked up no later than the date listed below.

1. Breeder Pick
2. Service Dog Pick

*We will not be accepting deposits until puppies are born.

Puppy Starter Kits

kibble pile image.png
snuggle puppy.jpg
kuranda button.png

We believe in starting our puppies out with the best of the best in medical care, health care, and enrichment.  We pass on as many of these things with you as we can!

Your puppy will be sent home with the following items:

  • AKC Registration Paperwork (or AKC Canine Partners for hybrid puppies)

  • Trupanion Pet Insurance - 30 Days of FREE Coverage

  • All of your puppy's medical records / shot records

  • Your puppy comes with a Fi Nano pre-registered microchip that has already been inserted under their skin and all info needed to transfer chip registration to you

  • A 2-Week Supply of Ultra Premium Kibble

  • NuVet Plus Wafers - Three day emergency supply to give you time to order your own!

  • Kuranda Beds coupon (these beds are AWESOME!)

  • Snuggle Puppy - Purchased BRAND NEW just for your puppy

Other Important Info:

All puppies receive age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming while here with us.  We administer NeoPar & NeoVac shots at ages 5, 6, 7, and 8 weeks. We deworm our puppies on a rigorous protocol to combat South Texas' heavy environmental parasite burden. We send puppies home with future deworming protocol recommendations.

All puppies receive age-appropriate socialization.  Puppies are potty trained using a doggy door and washable potty pads.  Puppies are exposed to crates and crate training.

All puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks of age.  These tests are recorded and videos are shared exclusively with deposit list holders.

All puppies receive a litter exam / wellness exam at Startz Vet Clinic at 7 weeks of age.  Any clinical findings are shared with deposit list holders prior to Puppy Pick Day.

All puppies are microchipped with Fi Nano Chips prior to leaving our custody.  All chips are pre-registered with your info as the primary contact, and ours as secondary.  You cannot remove our contact information from the chip profile. This is an important safety feature for your puppy!

Legal Documents

Click on the link below to view our Puppy Purchase Agreement & Genetic Health Warranty.

Puppy Photos


Click on the button below to see our most recent photos of this litter!  The link will redirect you to Instagram.

Please do not request photos or videos from us.  Due to the nature of our Puppy Pick process, we do not send individualized photos and videos to families.  We post all videos and photos on social media, and that is where we ask you to view these.  Thank you!

Ready to Apply for Adoption?

The first step in Applying for Adoption is to review our Adoption Process.  Click on an icon below to learn more about each step in our process. 

Once you have reviewed all of the steps of our Adoption Process, please complete our Puppy Application.  You can find this application by clicking on the application icon below.

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