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Boarding and Training

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Offering Exclusive Boutique Boarding and Lifestyle Training for Your Retriever

Like our pups, dogs who enroll in our boutique board & train program spend daily time with the family, just as if they were at home with you.

Our boutique boarding and lifestyle training services are available to those who wish to leave their family pet in a safe, loving, and enriching environment. Utilize this all-inclusive service for boarding while you're away, or take advantage of the included lifestyle training. Either way, each dog's stay is 100% custom and tailored to their and your needs.

Space is limited, as we only accept 1-2 dogs at a time. We offer a small-pack environment where all the dogs in our care (including ours) can receive ample attention and care. Please understand that this is not a typical boarding kennel that houses many dogs; it is a very exclusive and boutique environment. This is our home.

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What is "Boutique Boarding?"

Our facilities include our Canyon Lake home, nestled on a full acre of beautiful Hill Country land, and a gorgeous custom-built kennel, "The Doghaus." Our kennel is located right in our backyard! "The Doghaus" is small and modest but has ALL of the amenities of a tiny home, including air conditioning, heat, TV, hot water, tile flooring, and lights throughout.

Where your dog resides during their stay (inside our home or in The Doghaus) with us depends on many factors, but no matter what, your dog will feel like they are on vacation! We have a gorgeous fenced yard with artificial turf and shade and an expansive open grassy space for stretching legs and playing fetch. We live just a few miles from a beach on Canyon Lake and we frequent this area to allow the dogs time to swim and run on the beach.

So, what is "Boutique Boarding?" We feel that this term encompasses a boarding experience that feels like home. We don't charge extra for daily activities and local adventures. Dogs who are boarding are treated just like ours, with several games of fetch daily, regular time outside for potty and play breaks, trips to the lake, and time with the family. We don't charge extra if your pet needs special meal times or medication delivery. We treat your pet like our own.

What is "Lifestyle Training?"

We do not offer any specialized training or behavioral modification services. We can offer some common sense conditioning for your pet, as well as tailored lifestyle recommendations that can help you create a better routine at home that mitigates any behaviors you're trying to refine.

For example, teenage pups can be particularly difficult as they go through puberty. Our Lifestyle Training can offer them a boost in manners and consistent redirections for things like excessive chewing, barking, etc.

For older dogs, consider our Lifestyle Training a refresh opportunity for basic obedience training and manners.

We follow the training methods of the Monks of New Skete. Here are a few book recommendations if you would like to learn more about their common sense training methods:

So, what is "Lifestyle Training?" It's teaching your dog how to live with humans and communicate his needs effectively with composed confidence. Simple as that!

Current Rates

🏠 Boutique Boarding

Our all-inclusive boarding & training rate is $500/week with a one-week minimum.


Please provide your dog's food and any supplements or medications they're on. We have crates, beds, bowls, toys, treats, etc. There is no need to pack a huge overnight bag!

We do not charge extra to administer supplements or medications or provide any other special needs care for your dog during their stay.

🎓 Lifestyle Training

Lifestyle Training is included in our Boutique Boarding rate of $500/week. 

It is up to you whether or not you would like us to do any training with your dog during their stay. Our services include common sense obedience training, as taught by the Monks of New Skete.

As a reminder, we are not behavior modification specialists.


We will not work with aggressive dogs or dogs with OCD or self-destructive behaviors. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. Thank you.

🐶 Booking

If you did not purchase a pup or dog from us, we will want to meet you and your dog(s) prior to accepting them into our program.

This meet and greet will ensure that we are a good fit for your dog's stay and/or training needs. This meeting will take place at our residence, where you can also see where your dog will be staying and working.

Click here to book your dog's stay.


Feel free to Contact Us if your question is not answered here!

What kind of boarding experience do you offer?

We offer a boutique in-home boarding experience that feels like home. Dogs are treated like family and participate in daily activities and adventures.

What type of accommodation does my dog get?

Your dog will stay in either our family home or a custom-built kennel with amenities like A/C, heat, and TV, depending on their personality and needs.

Do you charge extra for special needs care?

No, we don't charge extra for administering medications, providing special meals, or caring for dogs with specific needs.

What activities will my dog participate in during their stay?

Dogs enjoy daily games of fetch, playtime in our fenced yard or open grassy space, trips to the beach on Canyon Lake for swimming, and cuddle time with the family.

What's included in your boarding rates?

Our rates are all-inclusive and cover accommodation, food (provided by the owner), playtime, potty breaks, trips to the lake, and basic obedience training or a training refresher if desired.

Do you require a meet and greet before enrolling a dog?

Yes, if you did not purchase the dog from us, a meet and greet is mandatory to ensure a good fit for your dog's needs and our program.

What kind of training do you offer?

We focus on common-sense obedience training based on the Monks of New Skete philosophy, which emphasizes gentle and positive reinforcement.

Can you address complex behavioral problems?

No, we offer lifestyle training to reinforce good manners and routines, but don't specialize in behavior modification for severe issues.

Is lifestyle training included in the boarding rate?

Yes, basic obedience training is included in the $500/week boarding rate. You can choose to opt-out if you prefer.

Book Your Dog's Stay

As a reminder, space is very limited as we work out of our home and only accept 1-2 dogs at a time. If you have travel plans please plan to book your dog's stay well in advance.

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