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F1b English Goldendoodle (Bearded Retriever)
Born February 24th, 2021

Size Information

Kenzie is almost fully grown and should weigh between 45-50 pounds at maturity. She is looking like she will be a small standard!

Color & Coat Type

Kenzie is a striking black with a small white stripe on her chest. She may turn blue with age, which will be a very dark gunmetal gray. Kenzie has a curly coat that is VERY soft. It is gorgeous! Her coat is very low maintenance and easy to groom.

Personality & Temperament

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Registration Information

Eligible to be registered with the AKC Canine Partners program.

Training Information

Kenzie is about to complete her AKC Virtual Home Manners title! She is well on her way to achieving her AKC Canine Good Citizen title. She is a smart, sweet, calm puppy and is so easy to train. She is very well behaved in the house and in public.

Kenzie was held back from one of our litters and has been living with us (Liza & Junior) for evaluation as a future breeding prospect. We have reluctantly decided that she should not be bred due to some very minor faults in structure that will never affect her life as a perfect pet! When choosing future breeding dogs, we have to use extreme scrutiny and take each and every minor detail into account.
Our decision to not keep her for breeding is not related to her quality as a pet or to her health. Kenzie is a very healthy girl! This was a very difficult decision for us, as we love her temperament and personality so dearly! But we know there is an even better home for her out there.

While with us, Kenzie has been treated just like one of our own dogs! She has received a ton of obedience training and socialization. Kenzie is potty trained and crate trained. She is fully vaccinated and microchipped. She has been DNA tested through Animal Genetics (all clear of inheritable diseases!).

Kenzie is testing for her AKC Virtual Home Manners title this weekend (October 12th, 2021). She loves the water and loves to go on trail walks. She is extremely sweet, but not cuddly. She wants to be near you, but not on your lap. Kenzie is definitely very playful when it is playtime, but otherwise she is very calm and well behaved inside the house.

Kenzie would love a home with kids or young/young-at-heart adults who will play with her and take her on walks. Kenzie would love a home with another dog that is friendly and will play with her. Kenzie loves all dogs and all people!

Kenzie's biggest fault at this time is that she gets very car sick on car rides. Once we arrive at our destination, she is happy and has a great time! She just hasn't learned yet to be confident in the car. Her new home needs to continue taking her lots of places until she outgrows this car sickness.

Adoption Price

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