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Cowboy (Available)

AKC Standard Poodle Male

Purchase Price: $2450

Cowboy is eligible to enroll in one of our training programs. See our Pricing & Process page for more info.

🎉 Ready to Apply?

Are you interested in bringing this sweet puppy home? First, please review our Pricing & Process. Then, please complete a Puppy Application. If a puppy is still visible on our website, then it is still available.

💡Important Stuff

Mom weighs 45 pounds (click here to see a video of mom, Chloe), and dad weighs 55 pounds (click here to see a video of dad, Roady). The projected weight of Cowboy is 55 pounds.

🎓 Milestones

🐶 Personality


(see Cowboy's Puppy Snapshot in his photo gallery!)

Cowboy is our cuddle bug. He is always watching out for the humans and stays close to us while his littermates roam. If he does want to have an adventure of his own, he checks in with us often. 💖 His loyal and protective nature is true to his breed.

📸 What is the Puppy Snapshot?

The Puppy Snapshot is a humane and effective alternative to traditional temperament testing, providing pet buyers with insights into a puppy's current attributes while emphasizing the crucial role they play in shaping adult temperament. This stress-free assessment evaluates puppies on various criteria, such as friendliness, energy level, confidence, and socialization, using a creative grading system with dog-themed emojis. By understanding the Puppy Snapshot and acknowledging their responsibility in nurturing and socializing their puppy, pet buyers can make informed decisions when choosing the perfect furry companion and contribute to a lifetime of happiness and well-being for their new four-legged family member.

Click on the button below to learn more about our Puppy Snapshot.

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